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cat issues


What does a pet parent do when her 7-year old cat has major cat issues? A few years ago, Claudia Green of Mesa, AZ contacted Animal Bridges about Tommie because he wasn’t using the litter box, and the issue was resolved.

Now Tommie, a tabby, had symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Since there were no stones or crystals in his bladder the vet diagnosed it as feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC). The vet said the issue is caused by stress, anxiety, or fear. No one could figure out the cause. What was causing the cat issues for Tommie?

Claudia contacted Elaine of Animal Bridges for help. We decided an animal communication with Tommie to resolve his cat issues.

In the communication, Tommie shares what is scaring him. After a few minutes he starts talking about his fears.

Elaine:      Tommie, Claudia and Cheryl are not able to do anything about the noises outside. I understand a fire truck was there the other night. These noises aren’t there all the time. So I think it is something else that is bothering you. (Feel tension across my shoulders and up my neck). (exhale)

Tommie:   Well, I was using that as an excuse. Really I want more attention and I am getting it by acting scared. I think it is pretty smart.

Elaine:       Actually I’m not sure how smart it is. You are getting yourself very sick, going to the vet a lot, and having to take medicine. Do you think this is a great way to get attention?

Tommie:    No, not really. (I feel tension in my chest and down my arms.) (exhale)

Elaine:       Okay, so what is really bothering you? Is it another cat?

Tommie:    Yes it is another cat.

Elaine:       Who?

Tommie:    Claude is bothering me.

Elaine:       Who is that?

Tommie:    Well, he is a spirit cat that comes and visits.

Elaine:       So Claude has passed on and visits sometimes.

Tommie:    Yes. I see his spirit and his ghost. It really scares me.

Elaine:       You know he isn’t going to hurt you.

Tommie:    I don’t think he will hurt me.

Elaine:       Where does he sit and visit?

Tommie:    In the living room near the sofa. I can’t go near the sofa (sigh) anymore because he is there.

Elaine:       Okay. How long has he been coming?

Tommie:    Just a few months. Since the holidays (Christmas and New Years). It hasn’t been long (about 1 ½ months). Not long at all.

Elaine:       Do you want me to tell him to leave?

Tommie:    Yes, please do.

Elaine:       I will try to tell him to leave. You can also tell him to leave too.

Tommie:    I can?

Elaine:       Yes you can. Let me try now. I think he will be leaving soon.

Tommie:    Thank you. (sigh) It feels better here.

Elaine:       Good. (He is calmer now.) Is there anything else that is bothering you?

Tommie:    No, I am fine now. Thank you for helping me.

Elaine:       Are you sure you are okay now?

Tommie:    Yes, I am fine okay. I am feeling better.

Tommie and I keep talking a few more minutes and then said goodbye.

The next day I received an email from Claudia:

Tommie is a changed boy today, thanks to you! This is the 2nd time you provided the miracle we needed! He is much more relaxed. He slept though the night last night without running to the box. Must have been exhausted.

He was more playful last evening. He didn’t get on the sofa but he doesn’t often get up there anyway and he was looking around. He wasn’t avoiding it like before when he walked way around it looking forward.”

Tommie’s cat issues were resolved with an animal communication.

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  1. Claudia Green says

    It’s a few months later and evidently, Claude has found a better place because as you see in the photo, Tommie gets on the sofa with absolutely no problems or anxiety! Thanks so much Elaine, I don’t know what we would do without you!

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