Your Pet is Asking “Where Are They?”

Looking Out the WindowLast night Hobbes kept looking out the window for his best friend, John. I explained to Hobbes that John was away on business for a few days. He was asking “Where Are They?”

Hobbes stopped looking out the window and sat with me. Then he slept with me until 6 AM. This was a big shift in his behavior. He usually pouts.

Today a friend said her only child left for college last week. Now her daughter’s cat is very clingy.

Yes, our best friends – cats, dog, rabbits, horses, and any pets are affected by changes.

What changes are you, your family, and your pet facing?

  • New school schedules and added activities like sports.
  • A dog/cat’s best friend going to college or moving for a new job.
  • Work schedule changing.
  • New member in the family (human or animal).
  • Illness or death of a family member or friend (human or animal).
  • House for sale or sold.
  • Change in employment, moving, finances, etc.
  • The list goes on…

Everyone including animals is affected by change. Some take it in stride and others have a very low tolerance for change.

Although these changes may not affect you, the changes may be confusing your pet.

I use this technique daily with Hobbes and it really helps. Many clients use it too.

When you are ready to leave for any reason, be very calm and not emotional. Have your jacket on, and stuff ready to pick up as you walk out the door.

  • Have a treat or special toy ready to give him. If it is really a great treat, he will enjoy it as you slowly leave.
  • Remember to exhale.
  • Tell her where you are going and when you will be back. For example, “Hobbes, I am going to a meeting and will be back after dinner.”
  • Leave the house calmly. If you are excited and stressed, your dog will probably be upset too.
  • When you return, quietly enter the house. Put your stuff down. After a minute or two of ignoring her, say “Hi, I am home” and give her a low-key greeting. Give her slow, gentle strokes.
  • Remember leaving and coming home are quiet events.

One client’s dog, Barry White, was frantic and destructive after she left. Read her amazing story about Barry White.

If a family member is going to college, moving out, or going on a trip, please tell your pet why their buddy is leaving. Pets want to know what is going on.

Imagine how you would feel if someone you love just walked out the door and never seemed to come home.

Many pet parents find animal communications help their pets during changes. One dog’s fear of abandonment was helped. After an animal communication, a cat traveled comfortably for 5 days by car.

Let’s help your pet understand what changes are happening in their lives. Today, schedule a 15-minute free phone consultation with Elaine at Animal Bridges.

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