Words Are Important to Pets and People

Words are important to pets and people

Yes words are important to pets and peopleYes, words are important to pets and people! How often have you told your dog “stop barking” and she keeps barking? Or you told your cat “stop peeing outside the litter box” and he keeps doing it. Ugh, the mess!

Both the dogs and the cats ignored the word “no” and continue doing the next word – bark, pee, etc. They keep doing what you don’t want them to do! Yes sometimes pets will listen to “No” used alone because of the tone of your voice. Often, just like people, they start the unwanted behavior again.

As pet parents, and I include myself, need to remember to tell the pets what we want them to do! So usually I remind Hobbes “good quiet” the moment he stops barking. This attention is a reward for Hobbes. And usually he is quiet!

Have you ever had a nick name you really hated? Or have you asked people to use another name than your given name? You know, sometimes the name just doesn’t fit you.

The same is true with pet names. Hobbes had another name when we adopted him. He hated it and asked it to be changed.

Have you thought about your pet’s name and what your pet may think of it. I know several pets that were miserable with their names and acted out all the time.

Years ago I knew dog named “Chaos” who lived up to her name. Recently one pet’s name was changed after years, and she is now a loving pet instead of the biter and fighter!

Yes, words are important. Several years ago I was introduced to the book The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. The photos of the crystals “Do It!” and “Let’s do it!” made a huge impact on me.

It changed how I think about words.

To experience Emoto’s work with water crystals, please take a few minutes and watch this video.

Remember words are important to pets and people. Words affect everyone.

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