Winter Olympics for Your Pet

Winter Olympics for your pet
Winter Olympics for Your Pet


[Updated February 15, 2018]

The Winter Olympics grab my attention and fill my evenings. One day while walking with Hobbes through the snow canyons of Minneapolis, I started laughing as I thought of Winter Olympics For Your Pet venues. Yes many pets can be Olympians – dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs to name a few. So grab your best seat and cheer on your Pet Olympian! Events listed below.

Outdoor Venues

  • Pairs WalkingPerson and dog team walks on a slippery sidewalk. Team earns points for balance, artistic execution of slips, falls, and other strange movements.
  • Pairs Crossing Snow Piles — At a street intersection, person and dog team successfully traverse the snow banks left by the snow plow. Performances must include stepping off the sidewalk, up and over the snow pile, and a solid landing on the street. You earn points for balance, artistic execution, and just getting over the snow bank!

Indoor Venues

  • Vertical JumpingCat jumps to vertical spaces including tops of bookcases, lofts, etc. Highest jump wins.
  • Endurance Sit/StayingDog sits and stays while person makes human dinner. Longest time wins.
  • Stairs RunningPerson and dog team stands at top of steps. Person throws toy down stairs and dog retrieves it (good luck with terriers!) Highest number of retrievals in a session wins.
  • Climbing Cat TreeCat climbs up a cat tree/stand near a window looking over snow. Fastest trip up stand in a session wins.
  • Half Pipe Moves on WheelHamster or gerbil performs moves in their wheel similar to Half Pike moves likes a snow boarder. Elements include running straight on wheel, running sideways, performing flips, grabbing their feet, etc. You determine the judging score by difficulty and smiles and laughs.
  • Slower LugeGuinea pig executes the luge (a maze may be substituted) in fastest time. Elements include staying on all four paws, moving forward, moving backwards, and just moving. Fastest time wins. Determine if timed trials are necessary.
  • Love FestPerson and pet team required. Take time from your busy life to just sit and be with him. Talk with her. Pay attention only to your pet as you stroke her. Enter his world by being in the moment and love him. It will be a wonderful experience for all of you.
  • Cheering Olympic TeamsAs Team USA performs, do arm pumps and yell so they can hear you through the TV. When any teams do a fantastic display of skills, jump up and yell! Let’s cheer all the hardworking athletes, all they have achieved, and what they sacrificed to get to South Korea.

Be sure to cheer on Winter Olympics for Your Pet. Every pet is a winner!

Does you pet need some additional coaching to be a contender for Best Pet Olympian? Only you are the judge on your pet’s scoring. Schedule a free 15 minute phone/skype consult.


  1. Jean Melom says

    Penny is highly qualified for Indoor and Outdoor Speed Eating. Her times are phenomenal, and she earns extra points for Post-dinner Bowl Cleanliness.

  2. Patti Anderson says

    My guinea pigs were wondering if there was a category for cutest outfit or uniform too?
    Very fun!

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