What is Your Pet’s Story? Was Your Pet Rescued?

Was your pet rescued or did he rescue you?When I meet people they tell me about their pets. Was your pet rescued? What is your pet’s story? Everyone has a story to tell and I love learning about each individual animal companion.

Often I hear:

  • She was a pet rescued from a puppy mill and had a horrible life (lots of details).

  • He was abused dog.

  • She was a feral cat and all beat up.

Usually I hear more about the pets life before her wonderful forever home.

Recently I remembered how I would introduce Hobbes or tell his story. I would start out “He was returned to the breeder because …” and share his personal story. I often followed with “His name was Max and he didn’t like it. So I changed it to Hobbes.”

A month after I adopted Hobbes, we were exploring the neighborhood. I had just shared his story about his previous life and name. He yelled “Stop! I don’t want to continue reliving this. I live with you and this is my story!

Hobbes taught me a life lesson I will never forget.

Animals live in the present moment — The Now. Most of the time when asked about their previous families or relationships, they will give a very vague answer.

  • “They were poor.”
  • “It was a tough life.”
  • “I was abandoned.”

When I ask for more information, they give it quickly and change the subject.

Was our “pet rescued” or did they “rescue us?”

They don’t care about the past. They live for the moment. They are wonderful teachers for us to forgive and move on with our lives.

They want us to put down our phones and other distractions, and spend time with them. They give us unconditional love and are always present with us.

I don’t know any animal who thinks about:

  • The “jerk” who cut me off in traffic.
  • My long To Do list — will the world end today if I don’t get it done?
  • Or all the “human” worries.

We can learn so much from our pets.

What do you think of changing the story to “Rover adopted me and changed my life. We have a wonderful life. Rover is so smart and teaches me to be happy and joyful.”

Comment below how you are changing your pet’s story. Animal Bridges can help you with a new story. 


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