What Does Your Pet Think?

What does your pet think?

What does your pet think?Do you wonder what does your pet think? Just like people, each pet has his or her opinion on various topics. In more than 10 years of communicating with animals, pets  talked about behavior, preferences, changes in their lives, sickness, pain, emotions, their love of their people, and so much more.

I’ve heard many themes.

Here are seven common themes from pets:

  • “I LOVE YOU!” Pets always send unconditional love and gratitude for their wonderful life. I’ve never heard a pet say “I dislike my pet parent.”
  • “Don’t tell my old story! Talk about our lives together.” Many pets are frustrated with the retelling of the old stories like “the horrible life she lived in a puppy mill.” Hobbes told me to stop telling his past story, and I did. Now I talk about our wonderful life together.
  • “I love routines.” Pets know and like their routines. Please tell them when their routine is changing – company coming, summer schedule, new job, etc.
  • “I like going to camp when you are gone.” Many pets really like “vacations” too. Tell your pet when you are going, for how long, and who is their caretaker. One client’s dogs are always excited about “camp.”
  • “Yes, I know you make mistakes. So do I.” Pets quickly forgive and move on.
  • “I live for today.” Pets live in the present moment. They enjoy what they are doing now and don’t think of the future! It is rare for a pet to have concerns.
  • “I had a great life! Thank you for all you did for me.” From across the Rainbow Bridge, pets express their love and gratitude for their wonderful lives. They never have regrets!

Pets tell me more. They are honest, loyal, grateful, and always send love.

Ask me about Animal Communications, and learn what does your pet think.

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