Want a Dog and Cat to Share a Home? Try Animal Communication

Cat and dog share a home

dog-and-catHow to you introduce a cat who lived mostly outside in a wooded area for over four years to a dog? The dog lived with an older cat for over eight years who crossed Rainbow Bridge.

Now the dog, Jyota, was interested in the new cat, Joey. The feelings weren’t mutual.

Being a dog, Jyota sniffed at the door separating them, barked from her crate at Joey, and would sometimes lunge at Joey.

Joey, the cat, lived mostly outside at a retreat facility and was used to people.

Debbie Evans of Minneapolis, Minnesota contacted Elaine of Animal Bridges because Jyota had “lived in harmony with my other cat so I am wanting her to do the same with Joey.”

Debbie wanted “the three of us, myself, Jyota and Joey to live happily together in our home. I would like Joey to know that I am here for her and my commitment is that she will thrive and be very happy in her new home.”

In an animal communication, Elaine spoke with Joey to explain why she was living in a home.

Elaine:    Hi Joey. I am Elaine and Debbie asked me to talk with you.

Joey:      Oh hi Elaine. I don’t understand what is going on. Where am I? Why am I here? Please help me. (I feel stress and tension throughout my body. My chest feels constricted and my breathing is shallow.)

Elaine:    Joey, you are safe. You are at your new forever home. Before you lived at a place where you needed to stay outside and the people thought you would be happier in a home. Now you live with Debbie, your human, and Jyota, the dog. You are living in a different room to help you adjust to being inside.

Joey:      Oh, now I understand. I really want to be an indoor cat. Please help me.

The conversation continued:

Elaine:    …. Debbie had a cat that lived to be 19 years old. She wants to have you around for a very long time. She was drawn to you and knows you are the perfect cat for her. She wants to help you feel more comfortable. How can she help you feel more at home?

Joey:      Just talking to you is really helping me. I didn’t understand what was going on. I thought I was going to be moved to another place. I am very grateful to be living here. I really like Debbie. She is very sweet. Now I understand. Okay. Does the dog like me? I’m not sure about dogs.

Elaine:    Jyota lived with Debbie’s previous cat for about 8 years. So Jyota knows about cats and is polite with cats. She is very curious about you. For now she is in another area of the house until you are comfortable.

Elaine asked Joey if she was afraid of Jyota, Joey said “No not afraid. Just curious and not sure of how to act. Otherwise I am okay.”

Joey and Elaine talked a few more minutes. Then Elaine talked with Jyota.



Elaine:   Hi Jyota. I am Elaine and Debbie asked me to talk with you.

Jyota:    I know. I was listening in on your conversation with Joey. Thank you so much for talking with us. I am really excited that Joey joined our family. I know I need to go slow to help her adjust to her new life. Joey, you are in a wonderful home that is so full of love. You will really love it here. I do.

Elaine:    Great. Debbie wants me to tell you that Jyota will always be my girl and I love her very much. I want her to know that having Joey live with us will not change that. I have enough love and protections for all of us and she will not be replaced or put aside.

Jyota:     I know. I know. Debbie, you keep saying this. I know it. You don’t need to say it any more. I love you and love our lives. I am grateful that Joey has joined our family. It was lonely without a cat in the house. I really like the cat energy and having Joey here. After today’s conversation I think the transition will go faster. I am really excited Joey is here.

Elaine and Joey continued talking and then said goodbye.

A few days later, Debbie emailed Elaine, “Thank you Elaine! Things are going much better with the girls.  : ) Debbie

In a recent update, Debbie wrote:

Joey relaxed

Joey relaxed

“At the time of this writing Jyota still wants to play sometimes and Joey isn’t very interested but there is no more barking and lunging. Instead there are polite sniffs and glances and, well yes, the occasional play bow from Jyota.  There have also been nose kisses between the two and they love to sleep in the bedroom during the day when I am at home working on projects. Joey lounges and purrs on the bed while Jyota sleeps in her crate on the floor with the door open. There is harmony in the house. : )”

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