Is My Pet Telling Me Something?

Is my pet telling me something?

Is my pet telling me something?

Do you wonder “is my pet telling me something?” or “why is he doing that?”

Recently Hobbes started limping on his front leg. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I checked his foot and didn’t find anything. I immediately made an appointment with his vet.

The next day at his appointment, the vet looked at his “sore foot.” He asked, “Do you clip his nails?” Guilt crept in — what did I do?
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Who Do You Call? Pet Poison Helpline Experiences

pet-poisonWho do you call? Your dog just ate the chocolate bunny! Your cat got into household cleaner! Do you call your vet or a best friend? Read these Pet Poison Helpline experiences.

This spring within one week, two very good friends who are dog savvy had pet emergencies. Each friend’s dog had eaten something. Fast forward — everyone is fine! And we all learned very important lessons in these real life Pet Poison Helpline experiences.

Here are the stories.
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Holidays and Quality Time for Your Pet

Holidays and quality time for your pet

holidays-and-your-petThe holiday season is on us, and this year it is suddenly shorter! Or at least it seems that way. Talk about adding stress! So how do you manage the holidays and quality time for your pet?

Of course, we all have the same amount of errands, mailings, and cooking in less time. Hobbes pulled out his warm coat early.

Now exhale! Yes, we are stressed and we are sharing it with our pets.

So let’s all stop for a minute or five minutes. Exhale. Clear your mind by listening to your breathing. Turn off the mind chatter of “I need to…”

Now for some quality time for your pet.

Go over to your pet, and slowly exhale again. You may try yawning while you sit with your dog. Very slowly blink your eyes as you sit with your cat.

Exhale quietly again. Be with your pet. No phone or gadget.  Slowly stroke your best friend. If you know TTouch®, do a few TTouches® on your pet and yourself. Try ear slides. Exhale.

As a way of giving thanks to your pet and yourself, try to spend five minutes a day enjoying this special time with your pet. You will feel better and so will they!

Cat Issues with Litter Box? 6 Tips to Keep a Cat Happy

Cat issues with litter box

cat-issuesCat issues with litter box? Is your cat being creative where she is going? Is he spraying on furniture and the walls? You are not alone!

The biggest issue for cat pet parents is litter boxes and a cat not using it. Suddenly your cat is spraying outside the box or not even getting close. What do you do?

One of Animal Bridges’clients had this issue. The cat was no longer using the litter box. She didn’t know what to do. When she called, we went through the “Cat Litter Box Check List.”

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9 Tips to Help Dog Afraid of Thunderstorms

9 Tips to Help Dog Afraid of Thunderstorms

9 tips to help dog afraid of thunderstormsDog afraid of thunderstorms or loud noises?
Does he cower under a coffee table? Does she tremble?

Now is the perfect time to prepare and help your dog with these frightening experiences. Some cats are afraid of storms or loud noises. Remember your dog or cat will feel the barometric changes hours before you notice the storm clouds.

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Help Your Pet with Car Sickness, Leash Pulling, Fear & More

Have you ever experienced being embarrassed by your pet’s behavior? Or your pet is afraid of thunderstorms or gets car sick?  I have and know the feelings of embarrassment, frustration, and not knowing where to go for help.



I remember my shock and embarrassment when my previous dog, Boomer, was at the vet’s for a physical. As the vet looked into his eyes, Boomer made a guttural growl from his belly. He sounded like something from the “Exorcist” movie! Yes, the exam ended and Boomer needed to come back to the vet for some blood work.

A few days later I tried a new technique that helped him with his fears and the results were amazing. Boomer’s next vet visit went so well, the vet wanted to know what I had done.
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Tick Prevention Tips for Dogs and Cats

Tick Prevention Tips for Dogs and Cats

tick-preventionThe cool, wet spring has Mother Nature giving us another gift. She is also giving an abundance of ticks! We found a tick on Hobbes, the dog, near the inside corner of his eye in his forelock! Fortunately for us, Hobbes sat very patiently as John removed the tick.

Here are some great tick prevention tips for dogs and cats.

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Tips for Easing Your Senior Dog’s Life

Tips for easing your senior dog's life

tips-easing-sr-dogs-lifeThis article was featured in The K9 Reporter as “Making Life Easier for Your Senior Dog.”   Here additional resources are included that were omitted due to lack of space. You’ll find lots of tips for easing your senior dog’s life.

Are you noticing changes in your senior dog? Is the muzzle getting whiter? Does she walk slower now? Does he have a hard time getting into the car or walking the stairs? I remember when Boomer, my wheaten terrier, started slowly aging. He lived a great life of over 14 years and taught me a lot of living with an older dog.

Here are some of the tips I learned from Boomer and my client’s older dogs.
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Are You Your Pet’s Best Advocate?

Your Pet's Best Advocate


“Am I the best advocate for Hobbes, our wheaten terrier?” Once again, I revisited the idea of Hobbes becoming a therapy dog. Hobbes loves people and especially children. He comforted a neighbor when she thought her dog was dying – it was a happy ending. As we were refreshing our training, I realized he loves people but doesn’t like the repetition. Are you your pet’s best advocate?

An animal communicator  friend confirmed Hobbes likes to figure out what I was teaching him and then he wants to move on. I know he puts up with grooming. Once he told me he didn’t want to be a wheaten terrier and wanted to be a regular dog with no haircuts. I said, I was sorry but we couldn’t change his breed.
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Learn the Signs of Heat or Sun Stroke in Dogs

sun-strokeWith summer comes the heat. We all know that cars get hot quickly and it is often best to leave our dogs at home.  We still take them for walks, visits, travel, and play in the sun.  Even on a hot day, your dog can show signs of heat or sun stroke. So now you can Learn the Signs of Heat or Sun Stroke in Dogs.

The some signs of heat or sun stroke include:

  • Rapid panting
  • Bright red tongue
  • Dark red gums that turn blue or grey
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Thick salvia

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