Interview on Final Pet Goodbyes

Final pet goodbyes

Final pet goodbyesSaying your final pet goodbyes is so difficult. I was interviewed by Dr. Cara Gubbins of Animal Wisdom Circle Expert Interview Series on February 1, 2018.

During “Final Pet Goodbyes: Navigating through Love, Loss and Grief,” we discussed preparing for pet death, the grief, the guilt, and more. With an active discussion, we covered a lot of topics.

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What Does Your Pet Think?

What does your pet think?

What does your pet think?Do you wonder what does your pet think? Just like people, each pet has his or her opinion on various topics. In more than 10 years of communicating with animals, pets  talked about behavior, preferences, changes in their lives, sickness, pain, emotions, their love of their people, and so much more.

I’ve heard many themes.

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Animal Bridges interview by Dr. Cara Gubbins on April 6, 2016

Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges being interviewed by Dr. Cara Grubbins on "Preparing for Pet Death."Join us for an Animal Bridges interview by Dr. Cara Gubbins, on the Animal Wisdom Circle Expert Interview Series on Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 pm  PDT (2 pm CDT). Her show helps animal lovers and spiritual seekers connect with their truth so they can change the world.

My topic for the Animal Bridges interview is Sweet Goodbyes – Preparing Yourself and Your Pet for the Rainbow Bridge. I’ll be sharing tips for:

  • Preparing yourself
  • Making decisions
  • And memorializing your pet.

Join us for what will be an uplifting and inspiring event. Be sure to register here and get all the details on joining the call.

Dr. Cara Gubbins

Dr. Cara Gubbins

Founder of the Animal Wisdom Circle, Dr. Cara Gubbins is an Animal Intuitive, award-winning Author, transformational Spiritual Coach and international Retreat Leader. With spiritual insights grounded in the natural world, Cara inspires a global community to live the lives they’re here to live, by connecting with animals, nature, and Spirit; saying “yes” to themselves and their dreams; and remembering that there is always time to play. She is the award-winning author of Divine Beings – The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals.


Animal Bridges Helped My Pets through Illness, Life, Death

The following testimonial was posted on on November 24, 2014 by Becky Nelson of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.



“I first contacted Elaine in 2012 when I discovered my cat Katie had cancer. Elaine assisted Katie through several Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) sessions and with several animal communications. The communications and support from Elaine during this difficult time gave comfort to Katie, in addition to me and my family.


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Dog’s Death and Final Wishes


Faye Miller of Minneapolis, Minnesota called Animal Bridges about Lulu, her 14-year old Cavalier King Charles dog. Lulu was approaching the end of her life, and Faye wanted the best for her. Also the family had a wonderful vacation planned in less than a month and was at a loss of what to do.

Faye decided she needed to hear Lulu’s thoughts. Lulu told me in our animal communication the following.

Lulu: Did you know I’m 14 years old? Recently life has been a little rough with me being sick. I am not ready to leave and cross Rainbow Bridge. I still have time left in my life. I’m not ready to leave my wonderful family. I love my life and I love Faye. I have the best life ever. I want to stay as long as I can.

Later in the conversation, I asked her:

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Dog Brings Comfort After His Death

Meshke, The Dog

Recently Lynnea Forness of Minneapolis reminded me of the animal communication I had with Meshke, her almost 11-year old lab, the final days of his life in 2010. I asked him, “Who would you like to say goodbye to?”

Meshke said, “I want to say goodbye to Lynnea parents but I know it would be too difficult for them. They can’t travel to me and it would be too hard for me to see them. So I will say goodbye to them somehow. Maybe when they are sleeping I will visit them and make it easier.”
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Honoring a Dog’s Life and Death – A Testimonial

Nelson Family Note

I received this beautiful card from the Nelson Family of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota after Abby, their American Cocker Spaniel, crossed Rainbow Bridge.

Before I share the card, I want to share Abby’s story. The Nelson’s adopted Abby when she was 13-years old in February 2011. Abby’s records noted she had some tongue issues. In November 2012, Becky discovered a tumor on Abby’s neck. In March 2013 Abby was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and lymph nodes. Over the past year her tongue was getting shorter. Her vet was surprised Abby was still living life to the fullest. This special family helped Abby live the best possible years of her life (according to Abby’s words.)

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Cat Sends Messages After Death

Cat sends messages after death.


Muppet, a 8 year-old cat, lived a great life with Jennifer Wells of Cartersville, Georgia. In the past year, Muppet had traveled from Seattle to Atlanta in a five-day car trip. She was never a fan of car rides and did great.

Life was good for Muppet as she adjusted to living out in the country. Muppet died suddenly and crossed Rainbow Bridge. Jennifer had dreamed of Muppet and heard her call hello. Jennifer wanted to send her love to Muppet by an animal communication.
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Senior Dog’s Mobility Improved with Healing Touch for Animals®



When I meet Maggie, a 14 ½ year old vanilla Lab, she was a dignified senior with mobility issues. Although she loved walks, it was getting harder for her to go down stairs and she was not steady on her feet.  Joanne of Minneapolis, her guardian, asked me to come over and have a Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) session with Maggie.

When I arrived, Maggie was lying in her bed in the living room. The intention of the HTA session was to help her be more stable when walking and standing. As I used the energy medicine with her, she relaxed and fell asleep.
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Dog Sends Message After Death



As I talked to Teena Brosdahl on the phone about an animal communication, I felt it was about a pet near the end of their life. I asked Teena, “What is the situation.” I got a long silence and I knew. Finally she said, “My dog died on Monday. Can you talk to her?” I explained my services. Then, her dog sends message after death!
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