Animal Bridges on Dogs & Thunderstorms with Katie K9 Radio

Katie K9

Katie K9

Katie K9 of My Talk FM107.1 radio invited Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges to discuss Tellington TTouch® and Healing Touch for Animals® on her radio show on May 18, 2014.

Katie has trained dogs in the Twin Cities for over 30 years and is a wealth of knowledge. She does not use treats as rewards in training. She believes you are the treats/reward for you dogs! Katie’s shows are lively and full of wonderful information.

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Animal Bridges Discusses Animal Communication on MPC Radio

Supernatural Investigators of MNMae Kelley of Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota (SIM) invited Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges to discuss animal communication on Minnesota Paranormal Coalition’s (MPC) radio show.

MPC is a coalition of over 10 paranormal organizations in Minnesota. Many of the teams investigate paranormal activity. The teams include investigators, psychics, and an exorcist. They want to provide the best services to their customers and are a very reputable organization.

On April 15, 2014, Elaine and Mae discussed animal communication for nearly an hour. Get comfortable and click below to hear the radio show. Be patient the first few minutes until the volume is corrected.

More About Animal Communication:

  • When you ask your pet, “want a treat?” or “want to go outside?,” do they seem to know what you’re asking and respond?
  • Do you somehow know when your pet is sick or hurt?
  • Can you feel your pet’s love for you?

Then you are communicating with your pet!

As a professional animal communicator, I’ve had special training that enhances the natural communication you may have experienced. Because of this training, I can help you learn more about your pet.

Working from my home, I hold a telepathic conversation with your pet, asking questions you provide, or giving them information for you. I can also work with animals who have already passed on. Often, deceased pets want to reassure their families that they are happy and healthy once again. I still cherish my handwritten notes of the conversation I had with my dog, Boomer, when he asked me to call the vet for the last time. He sent us such love and memories.

As I work with your pet, I hear the conversation in my head and feel both emotional and physical issues the animal is experiencing. After the session, I provide a transcript of the conversation, including insight into the animal’s feelings, thoughts, and concerns.

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