Words Are Important to Pets and People

Words are important to pets and people

Yes words are important to pets and peopleYes, words are important to pets and people! How often have you told your dog “stop barking” and she keeps barking? Or you told your cat “stop peeing outside the litter box” and he keeps doing it. Ugh, the mess!

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TTouch – The Language of Trust and Love for Animals

Linda Tellington-Jones Giving Hobbes TTouch Ear Slides

Linda Tellington-Jones Gives Hobbes TTouches

TTouch® is the language of trust and love for animals and people.

Some animals need to learn to trust first before they are comfortable giving love. Others just enjoy the undivided attention. An easy way to give undivided attention to your pet is doing Tellington TTouch®.

TTouch® can change animals’ lives for the better and definitely affect people too. My life was profoundly changed with TTouch® as I saw the affect on Boomer, our dog who was afraid of vets.

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Simple Way To Calm Your Dog & Resolve Behavior Problems

Simple way to calm your dog & resolve behavior problems

calm-your-dogDo you get frustrated because your dog is jumping, barking, or generally misbehaving? Do you get tense as you tell your dog to sit or to walk calmly? Does your dog have anxiety?

Are you getting tense reading this? Now exhale. Yes, just exhale and feel your shoulders lower. Did you realize you were holding your breathe? Now exhale again.

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Dog’s Anxiety and Excessive Barking Helped with TTouch®

Jackson, a Shiba Inu and Husky blend, was referred to me because he was showing signs of canine anxiety by being “out of control” on walks and excessive barking at other dogs. Janet was embarrassed by her pet’s problems.

When I met Jackson in his home, he was pacing, panting, frantically wagging his tail, and in continual motion. Janice adopted Jackson two months ago and this is his normal. I explained to Janice how to read Jackson’s body language. Suddenly, she realized she had not understood what he was trying to tell her. He was not happy and excited; he was nervous and afraid.

Jackson After A TTouch® Session

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