6 Tips to Bring Your Lost Dog Cat Home Faster

Bring your lost dog cat home


[Updated 7/24/17]

Summer is in full swing. We love being outside and so do our pets. Unfortunately the number of lost pets seems to be increasing daily. Six easy tips to help you bring your lost dog cat home faster.

In the past week, I heard of 3 lost cats and 2 dogs in the neighborhood. I also heard of a lost dog that didn’t have it’s micro chip information updated. He went home with the person who found him!

During summer the doors are open more. It only takes a push with a nose to open some screen doors. Or someone forgets and leaves the gate open. And sometimes the cat or dog gets curious and gets lost.

As pet parents we must do all we can to help them get home!

When I see a pet without a collar and tags, I get sick to my stomach. My first thought is “How will I get it home?”

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Lost Dog — Is Your Dog’s Microchip Information Current?

Lost Dog Was Found

Recently I was driving down a busy street in Minneapolis when I saw a large dog running frantically down the sidewalk. I followed the dog in my car trying to find a good place to pull over.

The dog was running so fast and I tried to stay with the dog. Quickly it ran down an alley and I decided to stay on the streets. At the end of the block, I spotted the dog again sniffing a snow pile

As I pulled up behind a parked car, a woman got out with her dog in the car. I shouted to her to open the door and let her dog out. She did and the lost dog ran to the car.

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Lost Dog with ID Tags Not Enough Information

Hobbes’ tags

My cousin, Phyllis Zwarick from Long Island, New York shared this story with me.

On a Sunday night at 10 pm her door bell was rung by two young women. They were driving by and saw a small dog walking up her driveway. They asked if it was her dog. The older, poodle mix had a collar and was well cared for. Unfortunately the dog’s tag was old and information was worn off.

No one was looking for the dog. Her husband, Joe, took the dog to the town pound and hoped for the best. Fortunately the dog’s rabies tag was current. The pound employee said in the morning they would be able to identify the vet by the rabies tag number and get in touch with the vet.

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