Interview on Final Pet Goodbyes

Final pet goodbyes

Final pet goodbyesSaying your final pet goodbyes is so difficult. I was interviewed by Dr. Cara Gubbins of Animal Wisdom Circle Expert Interview Series on February 1, 2018.

During “Final Pet Goodbyes: Navigating through Love, Loss and Grief,” we discussed preparing for pet death, the grief, the guilt, and more. With an active discussion, we covered a lot of topics.

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Pet Parent Approved Resources by Animal Bridges’ Clients

Pet parent approved resources and specialists

Hobbes Researching

Your pet received a scary diagnosis.  You need a veterinary specialist or service. Who do you ask?  The following list is pet parent approved resources of specialists and services from Animal Bridges’ clientsElaine experienced a few of these specialists with Hobbes or as a client’s extra set of ears or moral support.

No one paid to be on the list. This is not an endorsement of the services. This is a list solely of Animal Bridges clients’ recommendations of pet parent approved resources. The information is from the website or brochure of the services listed.

Many of the veterinarians are board certified. Please use this list as a starting point of finding the correct vet or service for your pet.

Animal Emergency and Referral Service
Michelle Rose, DVM
Oakdale, MN 651-501-3766
St. Paul, MN 651-293-1800
“…profession interests include minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of congenital heart disease and strategies for congestive heart failure that optimize the patient’s quality of life.”

Veterinary Cardiology Specialists
Janet Olson, DVM, DACVIM
Minnesota and Iowa 612-353-7440
“Veterinary Cardiology Specialists (VCS) works hand-in-hand with veterinary hospitals to provide uncompromised cardiac care for patients with heart disease.”

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Senior Dog’s Mobility Improved with Healing Touch for Animals®



When I meet Maggie, a 14 ½ year old vanilla Lab, she was a dignified senior with mobility issues. Although she loved walks, it was getting harder for her to go down stairs and she was not steady on her feet.  Joanne of Minneapolis, her guardian, asked me to come over and have a Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) session with Maggie.

When I arrived, Maggie was lying in her bed in the living room. The intention of the HTA session was to help her be more stable when walking and standing. As I used the energy medicine with her, she relaxed and fell asleep.
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Grieving Pet Parent


The one year anniversary of Chivas’ death was approaching – he was the Golden Retriever and best friend of Laura Lindboe.  After waiting so long, Laura decided it was time to hear from him. With the internet, Laura found Animal Bridges’ website and contacted me about an animal communication with Chivas. After receiving Chivas’ photo and Laura’s questions, I talked with Chivas.


Chivas was so excited to talk with me.  “It has been so long since I talked with a person. It is a very different world I am living in now. I miss the human contact of people and especially Laura.” He continued to explain about his death and how “my body was failing around me.” He was surprised with all Laura’s questions and answered each of them.
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After Euthanasia Cat Thanks Elaine for Animal Communication


Although Sid Korpi is very familiar with pet loss and written Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss, she still struggled with the pending death of her cat, Giles. Sid decided Giles wanted to teach her another lesson about pet loss. As Giles got weaker, Sid considered a natural death for him. Unfortunately, Giles couldn’t make up his mind whether to cross Rainbow Bridge and die or eat another teeny, tiny meal. Sid documented his journey.

After Giles pass on with the help of Dr. Rebecca McComas of Minnesota Pets, I received a thank you card from Giles with the help of Sid. I was amazed to hear Giles talk from the card and express his thanks once again.


  • Does your pet have pain or act scared sometimes?
  • Ever wish you could tell her something she would understand?
  • Wish you knew what he was thinking?

Every people/pet team has unique needs. Often, a combination of approaches will serve both the client and the pet best. It really depends on each individual animal and person’s needs. All methods are gentle and loving.

Each session is as unique as your pet and each session with your pet can be unique from her previous sessions.

It’s easy to set up your sessions, just contact me here or call me at 612-237-9580. I’m happy to help you explore the options and find the best solution for your unique situation.

“Elaine has been very helpful and supportive since my adoption of a very anxious dog. Her t-touch sessions and ongoing communication has helped us both. She has great suggestions and is very responsive to my frantic calls.” – Lynnea Forness, Minneapolis, MN

Preparing for the Death of Your Animal Companion

preparing-for-deathLiving with sick young animal companion or an aging pet is a challenging and very emotional time for all involved. I remember watching Boomer as he lost weight and moved slower. I am forever grateful for my animal communication and Tellington TTouch® skills that helped us face his aging. I could ask him how he was doing and did he want to try another food or continue taking medicine. With TTouch® I made him comfortable. I still cherish the handwritten notes from our conversation when he said he was ready for the vet to come to our house. I am so grateful I knew when he was ready to leave. At the time, I wish I knew more and had more options. I’ve made it my mission to help others as they face this difficult decision.

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Helping Rescue Puppies With the Parvo Virus

helping-rescue-puppiesLittle did I know six weeks ago, I would learn firsthand about rescued puppies and their struggles. Now I personally experienced the results of a puppy mill breeding and conditions.

My friend Denise asked me to let her dogs out while she helped in a huge dog rescue from northern North Dakota. Over 80 dogs were voluntarily surrendered from a very poor situation to many rescue groups. Denise thought she was getting was a mother dog and eight four-week old puppies. She had raised several litters in the past, and knew she could handle the mother dog and puppies. Her biggest concern was how her female yellow Lab would accept the mother dog.

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Quality of Life For an Aging Dog

Quality of life for an aging dog

aging-dogRosie was a dignified, 12-year old collie whose body was failing around her. Julie called and said Rosie was very agitated and they were thinking of helping her with euthanasia.

In an animal communication, Rosie said she wasn’t ready to leave yet. Rosie’s hind legs barely supported her and sometimes she walkedin circles until she fell down. She was panting and showing signs of stress. I suggested that Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA), a form of energy medicine for animals, may help Rosie energetically prepare herself and make her transition easier. We had no expectations.

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Pet Death Made Easier with Animal Communication

Pet death made easier with animal communications.

pet-deathThe phone rang. As I answered it, I barely heard a name followed by “My dog” and tears. I knew Emily was calling about her aging pet. We met a few weeks before, and she told me her dog not doing well. As Emily composed herself, I explained as an animal communicator I would talk with Scooter, the Cocker Spaniel, and send Emily a transcript of our talk.

Scooter came into Emily’s life when she was 11, and they shared many adventures together. Now Scooter had cancer and was not doing well. Emily wanted the best for Scooter and wanted to know how she could help Scooter.

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