6 Tips to Bring Your Lost Dog Cat Home Faster

Bring your lost dog cat home


[Updated 7/24/17]

Summer is in full swing. We love being outside and so do our pets. Unfortunately the number of lost pets seems to be increasing daily. Six easy tips to help you bring your lost dog cat home faster.

In the past week, I heard of 3 lost cats and 2 dogs in the neighborhood. I also heard of a lost dog that didn’t have it’s micro chip information updated. He went home with the person who found him!

During summer the doors are open more. It only takes a push with a nose to open some screen doors. Or someone forgets and leaves the gate open. And sometimes the cat or dog gets curious and gets lost.

As pet parents we must do all we can to help them get home!

When I see a pet without a collar and tags, I get sick to my stomach. My first thought is “How will I get it home?”

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9 Lessons Learned From Dog ACL Surgery and Recovery


Hobbes had dog ACL surgery

Updated June 19, 2017

What did I learn about Hobbes’ dog ACL surgery and recovery? Reflecting, I learned so much. At times it didn’t seem like it. I hope these lessons help you if you ever need them.

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Words Are Important to Pets and People

Words are important to pets and people

Yes words are important to pets and peopleYes, words are important to pets and people! How often have you told your dog “stop barking” and she keeps barking? Or you told your cat “stop peeing outside the litter box” and he keeps doing it. Ugh, the mess!

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What is Your Pet’s Story? Was Your Pet Rescued?


Was your pet rescued or did he rescue you?When I meet people they tell me about their pets. Was your pet rescued? What is your pet’s story? Everyone has a story to tell and I love learning about each individual animal companion.

Often I hear:

  • She was a pet rescued from a puppy mill and had a horrible life (lots of details).

  • He was abused dog.

  • She was a feral cat and all beat up.

Usually I hear more about the pets life before her wonderful forever home.

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Dog Car Sickness Is Yucky – 5 Tips to Help Your Dog

Dog car sickness
A puppy suffers from dog car sickness.


What do you do with a 10-week old puppy suffers from dog car sickness? Kallie lives in Alaska and has long rides in her future. Doris LaMagdeleine Ruckoldt of Palmer, Alaska wasn’t sure how to help Kallie and asked Animal Bridges for help. Every weekend they travel back to Palmer from Anchorage.

She wrote “I was wondering would you have a suggestion on something I can help Kallie with for her motion sickness? I know people say to ease her into the car rides but I didn’t have time for that when I brought her home.”

“She was showing all the signs of car sickness & stress [dog car sickness]. On my way back to Anchorage on the 4th [of July], I covered only part of her kennel, which was in the front seat of the truck. I had to stop about 12 miles from town to clean up her kennel & her because she had throw up a few times.”

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5 Tips for Dogs in Flood Areas


Mailbox in Flood WatersLiving in a flood area you have plenty on your mind. Here are five tips to help keep your dogs safe in flood areas:

  • Keep you dogs out of the lakes, creeks, and rivers. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly advise to “keep children and pets out of the affected area until cleanup has been completed.”
  • Water in lakes, creeks, and rivers may be contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, and feces. (I heard of a porta potty floating in a local Minnesota lake.)
  • Keep your dogs from drinking affected water. This includes “street tea” or the water puddles by the curb.  The water may cause diarrhea.
  • Open wounds may get infected from the flood waters.
  • Read this great article by a vet on water borne illnesses in dogs.

Is your pet acting up after the floods or acting afraid? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

  • When you ask your pet, “want a treat?” or “want to go outside?,” do they seem to know what you’re asking and respond?
  • Do you somehow know when your pet is sick or hurt?
  • Can you feel your pet’s love for you?

Then you are communicating with your pet!

As a professional animal communicator, I’ve had special training that enhances the natural communication you may have experienced. Because of this training, I can help you learn more about your pet.

Working from my home, I hold a telepathic conversation with your pet, asking questions you provide, or giving them information for you. As I work with your pet, I hear the conversation in my head and feel both emotional and physical issues the animal is experiencing. After the session, I provide a transcript of the conversation, including insight into the animal’s feelings, thoughts, and concerns.

Read stories about some amazing communications.
Not sure what your pet needs? Contact Elaine.

Animal Bridges on Dogs & Thunderstorms with Katie K9 Radio

Katie K9

Katie K9

Katie K9 of My Talk FM107.1 radio invited Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges to discuss Tellington TTouch® and Healing Touch for Animals® on her radio show on May 18, 2014.

Katie has trained dogs in the Twin Cities for over 30 years and is a wealth of knowledge. She does not use treats as rewards in training. She believes you are the treats/reward for you dogs! Katie’s shows are lively and full of wonderful information.

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Lost Dog — Is Your Dog’s Microchip Information Current?


Lost Dog Was Found

Recently I was driving down a busy street in Minneapolis when I saw a large dog running frantically down the sidewalk. I followed the dog in my car trying to find a good place to pull over.

The dog was running so fast and I tried to stay with the dog. Quickly it ran down an alley and I decided to stay on the streets. At the end of the block, I spotted the dog again sniffing a snow pile

As I pulled up behind a parked car, a woman got out with her dog in the car. I shouted to her to open the door and let her dog out. She did and the lost dog ran to the car.

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7 Tips to Help Your Pet in Hot Weather

7 Tips to Help Your Pet in Hot Weather

Boomer in Pool

Some hot weather tips for your pets and maybe you.

  1. Wet a bandana and put it around your dog’s neck or your neck. Better yet, put the rolled, wet bandana in the freezer before wearing.
  2. Wet a t-shirt and put it on your dog. Tie up the excess t-shirt on her back.
  3. If your dog is wearing a ThunderShirt (a great calming garment for dogs) and not in air conditioning or a cool place, be sure to wet down the Thundershirt.
  4. If you are in a place without air conditioning, try to use a wire crate instead of plastic crate. Wire crates allow more air circulation. Also place a fan near the crate. If the animal is still hot, place a wet sheet or towel over part of the crate with the fan blowing on it.
  5. Be sure your cat has cool places to escape the heat.
  6. Dogs with short hair or hairless breeds can get sunburned. Also cats with white ears or faces can get sun burned. Pet sunscreen is available at many pet supply stores.
  7. Always have water available for your pets. Some dogs really enjoy a wading pool to keep cool.

With the heat of summer, thunderstorms can pop up at any time.

  • Does your pet become anxious with thunderstorms?
  • Does your pet have pain or act scared sometimes?
  • Ever wish you could tell her something she would understand?
  • Wish you knew what he was thinking?

Contact Elaine for a Free 15 minute consultation to Schedule a free 15-minute consult.

“Elaine has been extremely supportive and helpful with our dogs. Our dog Buddy had major surgery this year, to remove a liver tumor. Elaine’s work with Healing Touch for Animals helped restore his energy and greatly sped his recovery.” – Penny Watkins-Zdrojewski, Champaign, IL