Indoor Activities for Dogs, Cats, and You

Bored dog looking for indoor activities for dogs, cats, and people.Is your dog or cat bored? Need ideas? These creative indoor activities for dogs and cats will keep your pets entertained. Many of the activities are based on items from around your house. For fun there are  some tips for you too. Have fun!
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Cat Issues with Litter Box? 6 Tips to Keep a Cat Happy

Cat issues with litter box

cat-issuesCat issues with litter box? Is your cat being creative where she is going? Is he spraying on furniture and the walls? You are not alone!

The biggest issue for cat pet parents is litter boxes and a cat not using it. Suddenly your cat is spraying outside the box or not even getting close. What do you do?

One of Animal Bridges’clients had this issue. The cat was no longer using the litter box. She didn’t know what to do. When she called, we went through the “Cat Litter Box Check List.”

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What is Your Pet’s Story? Was Your Pet Rescued?

Was your pet rescued or did he rescue you?When I meet people they tell me about their pets. Was your pet rescued? What is your pet’s story? Everyone has a story to tell and I love learning about each individual animal companion.

Often I hear:

  • She was a pet rescued from a puppy mill and had a horrible life (lots of details).

  • He was abused dog.

  • She was a feral cat and all beat up.

Usually I hear more about the pets life before her wonderful forever home.

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7 Tips to Help Your Pet in Hot Weather

7 Tips to Help Your Pet in Hot Weather

Boomer in Pool

Some hot weather tips for your pets and maybe you.

  1. Wet a bandana and put it around your dog’s neck or your neck. Better yet, put the rolled, wet bandana in the freezer before wearing.
  2. Wet a t-shirt and put it on your dog. Tie up the excess t-shirt on her back.
  3. If your dog is wearing a ThunderShirt (a great calming garment for dogs) and not in air conditioning or a cool place, be sure to wet down the Thundershirt.
  4. If you are in a place without air conditioning, try to use a wire crate instead of plastic crate. Wire crates allow more air circulation. Also place a fan near the crate. If the animal is still hot, place a wet sheet or towel over part of the crate with the fan blowing on it.
  5. Be sure your cat has cool places to escape the heat.
  6. Dogs with short hair or hairless breeds can get sunburned. Also cats with white ears or faces can get sun burned. Pet sunscreen is available at many pet supply stores.
  7. Always have water available for your pets. Some dogs really enjoy a wading pool to keep cool.

With the heat of summer, thunderstorms can pop up at any time.

  • Does your pet become anxious with thunderstorms?
  • Does your pet have pain or act scared sometimes?
  • Ever wish you could tell her something she would understand?
  • Wish you knew what he was thinking?

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