Excessive Grooming Cat from South Africa was Helped

Excessive grooming cat
Chatul, the excessive grooming cat was helped by Animal Bridges.

Chatul, The Excessive Grooming Cat

Elna van Coller of South Africa was very concerned about her excessive grooming cat. Elna contacted Animal Bridges and our conversation started.

Elna wrote about how Chatul, a Burmese cat, “started excessive grooming her tail” after the other family cat had surgery. Chatul licked until she had no hair on her tail.
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Cat’s Over-Grooming Helped with Animal Communication

Claire Marie, Wadsworth’s person, asked if I could help them. Wadsworth, the cat, was licking and over-grooming himself so much that he had seven spots that were raw or bleeding.  He had even pulled out the hair. They made many trips to the vet over several months and were using the prescribed medicine for cat excessive grooming. Claire Marie was frustrated and not sure what to do.

Wadsworth Stopped His Over Grooming

As an animal communicator, I talked with Wadsworth and his personality really came through. I commented that he is very good looking and he replied, “Thanks. My looks are important to me.” Our animal communication continued and he explained why he was licking himself so much.

E:    I understand you lick yourself until you bleed. Why are you doing this?

W:   I am obsessed with being clean. I must, must, must be clean and look the best I can look.
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