Animal Communication Solves Problems

Animal communication solves problems.

Animal communication solves problems.

Animal communication solves problems for pet parents and pets daily. Are you wondering what type of problems to ask about?

You know a lot about your pet. Wouldn’t be great to fill in the times you don’t know what is going on?

Animal communication can help you from the moment you fall in love until after he crosses The Rainbow Bridge.

Join me as I take you through a tour of your pet’s life with suggestions of questions to ask your best friend(s). Here are a few examples:

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Do Changes Affect Pets?

Do changes affect pets

Do changes affect pets

To me, September is the month of change. Schedules change, weather changes, routines change, amount of daylight changes. Do changes affect pets? I say yes!

What changes affect our pets? It can be a small — you walk out of the house to get the mail – or big – you leave for a long vacation. If the change is big to us, imagine what it’s like for your dog, cat, horse, etc.
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Cat Issues Upsetting Pet Parent – Testimonial

cat issues


What does a pet parent do when her 7-year old cat has major cat issues? A few years ago, Claudia Green of Mesa, AZ contacted Animal Bridges about Tommie because he wasn’t using the litter box, and the issue was resolved.

Now Tommie, a tabby, had symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Since there were no stones or crystals in his bladder the vet diagnosed it as feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC). The vet said the issue is caused by stress, anxiety, or fear. No one could figure out the cause. What was causing the cat issues for Tommie?

Claudia contacted Elaine of Animal Bridges for help. We decided an animal communication with Tommie to resolve his cat issues.

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Cat Issues with Litter Box? 6 Tips to Keep a Cat Happy

Cat issues with litter box

cat-issuesCat issues with litter box? Is your cat being creative where she is going? Is he spraying on furniture and the walls? You are not alone!

The biggest issue for cat pet parents is litter boxes and a cat not using it. Suddenly your cat is spraying outside the box or not even getting close. What do you do?

One of Animal Bridges’clients had this issue. The cat was no longer using the litter box. She didn’t know what to do. When she called, we went through the “Cat Litter Box Check List.”

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Want a Dog and Cat to Share a Home? Try Animal Communication

Cat and dog share a home

dog-and-catHow to you introduce a cat who lived mostly outside in a wooded area for over four years to a dog? The dog lived with an older cat for over eight years who crossed Rainbow Bridge.

Now the dog, Jyota, was interested in the new cat, Joey. The feelings weren’t mutual.

Being a dog, Jyota sniffed at the door separating them, barked from her crate at Joey, and would sometimes lunge at Joey.

Joey, the cat, lived mostly outside at a retreat facility and was used to people.
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Is Your Cat or Dog Eating the Best Pet Treats?

Best Treat?

Best Treat?

This article was featured on Happy Whiskerz Cookie Company as “Are Your Pet Treats the Best for Your Cat or Dog?” under Health and Nutrition.

Is your cat or dog gaining weight? Is your dog hyper and barking excessively? Does your dog refuse treats you offer?


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19 Tips for Traveling with Pet

Traveling with pet tips
19 tips for traveling with pet

Hobbes Ready for Trip

Wondering what to do when you are traveling with pet?

We took a vacation with Hobbes, our Wheaten Terrier, in our convertible from Minneapolis, MN to Michigan. As I prepared for the trip I realized our trip would be different from just a human vacation. I wanted Hobbes to enjoy the trip too and included him as much as possible.

Here are my tips of traveling with pet:
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Is your pet prepared for your vacation, business trip, or family emergency?

SuitcasesHopefully you have time to plan your vacation or business trip. What if your phone rings with a family emergency and you must leave within a day. Are you ready for these situations? Who will care for your pet? Do you know what to pack for your pet?

Maybe your cat or dog stays with friends. What if they are not available? Do you have a plan?
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Does Healing Touch Work for Animals?

hta-for-animalsJanet Roper of Talk2TheAnimals invited Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges to discuss Healing Touch for Animals®. Does Healing Touch work for animals? Join guest Elaine Garley, certified Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner as she talks about healing touch, what it is and the dynamic effect it can have on animals. Elaine is the owner of Animal Bridges, where the bond you have with your pet is deepened and enriched through healing techniques that calm fear, build confidence, soothe pain and help to bring out the best in your pet. Talk2theAnimalsRadio Cat Expert Darlene Arden joins us tonight talking about the special needs and care of senior cats. Make sure to call in with your cat-related question and hear what Darlene has to say! Talk2theAnimalsRadio Holistic Pet Wellness Expert Shannon Benecke shares a tip about Essential Fatty Acids for your animal companion. Animal guest is Roadrunner. Join in the fun on this episode of Talk2theAnimalsRadio!

The first 40 minutes of the show Janet interviews cat expert Darlene Arden, author of “The Complete Cat’s Meow.”

Then Elaine joins Janet. Click Talk2TheAnimals Radio Show to hear the show. Then click the start audio and slide the bar to advance to Elaine’s interview at 40:35. Enjoy!

  • Does your pet have pain or act scared sometimes?
  • Ever wish you could tell her something she would understand?
  • Wish you knew what he was thinking?

Every people/pet team has unique needs. Often, a combination of approaches will serve both the client and the pet best. It really depends on each individual animal and person’s needs. All methods are gentle and loving.

Each session is as unique as your pet and each session with your pet can be unique from her previous sessions.

It’s easy to set up your sessions, just contact me here or call me at 612-237-9580. I’m happy to help you explore the options and find the best solution for your unique situation.

“Elaine has been very helpful and supportive since my adoption of a very anxious dog. Her t-touch sessions and ongoing communication has helped us both. She has great suggestions and is very responsive to my frantic calls.” – Lynnea Forness, Minneapolis, MN


Simple Way To Calm Your Dog & Resolve Behavior Problems

Simple way to calm your dog & resolve behavior problems

calm-your-dogDo you get frustrated because your dog is jumping, barking, or generally misbehaving? Do you get tense as you tell your dog to sit or to walk calmly? Does your dog have anxiety?

Are you getting tense reading this? Now exhale. Yes, just exhale and feel your shoulders lower. Did you realize you were holding your breathe? Now exhale again.

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