Words Are Important to Pets and People

Words are important to pets and people

Yes words are important to pets and peopleYes, words are important to pets and people! How often have you told your dog “stop barking” and she keeps barking? Or you told your cat “stop peeing outside the litter box” and he keeps doing it. Ugh, the mess!

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What is Animal Communication? Animal Bridges Explains

what-is-animal-commWhat is animal communication? Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges explained animal communication to the National Association of Professional Women’s Minneapolis Chapter on August 10, 2016.

Twenty NAPW members listened as Elaine explained what is animal communication.  She also explained how people “hear” the animals. Many animal communicators receive telepathic messages in the form of pictures. Most pet parents just “know” when their best friend is hungry, needs to go outside, or is sick. As children, many of us spoke with animals and “imaginary friends.”
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Excessive Grooming Cat from South Africa was Helped

Excessive grooming cat
Chatul, the excessive grooming cat was helped by Animal Bridges.

Chatul, The Excessive Grooming Cat

Elna van Coller of South Africa was very concerned about her excessive grooming cat. Elna contacted Animal Bridges and our conversation started.

Elna wrote about how Chatul, a Burmese cat, “started excessive grooming her tail” after the other family cat had surgery. Chatul licked until she had no hair on her tail.
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Cat Asks to Go to Veterinarian in Animal Communication – Testimonial

animal communication

Animal communication helps cat owner know to take cat to the vetJim O’Connell of Columbia Heights, Minnesota called Animal Bridges with concerns about his cat, Brookie. The black tabby was drinking a lot of water, not sleeping with him, and also talking as if she was stressed. Jim asked me to please have an animal communication with Brookie. His main concern was if she needed to go to the veterinarian.

Brookie knew exactly what she wanted as she spoke to Elaine.

E:      Hi Brookie. I am Elaine and Jim asked me to talk with you.

B:      Hi Elaine. Thanks for talking to me.

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9 Tips to Help Dog Afraid of Thunderstorms

9 Tips to Help Dog Afraid of Thunderstorms

9 tips to help dog afraid of thunderstormsDog afraid of thunderstorms or loud noises?
Does he cower under a coffee table? Does she tremble?

Now is the perfect time to prepare and help your dog with these frightening experiences. Some cats are afraid of storms or loud noises. Remember your dog or cat will feel the barometric changes hours before you notice the storm clouds.

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Stressed, Crying Cat Calmed Down with Energy Work

Mischa, a 4 ½ year old cat, had experienced many changes in the past 6 months.


  • She traveled by car from New York City to Minnesota to her new home with her human Mom.
  • Left a cat sibling behind.
  • Met a new cat and bonded with him, Hendrix.
  • Suddenly Hendrix died.
  • The social cat was suddenly the lone cat and very unhappy.


Mischa  was crying most of the time. If she was alone in a room, and her humans were in another room with the TV on, she cried. She cried during the night. Her human Mom was not sleeping and desperately needed the sleep.

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Gratitude for Your Pets

gratitude-for-petsWow, Mother Nature decided we need some drastic changes. She is doing a fantastic job of making the holiday season come early. Walking Hobbes in the single digits helped me focus on gratitude.

Let me explain. For the past month, I start my day with a gratitude walk. When Hobbes and I walk, I list 10 reasons why I am grateful. As I mentally say “I am grateful for …,” I feel a smile grow bigger. It doesn’t matter if it is raining, snowing, or freezing with wind chills below zero. I smile.

Some days it seems so hard to start. I laugh when we are headed home and I haven’t started. Opps. So I start then. I may be in the driveway heading out, half way on the Hobbes directed walk, or almost home – I start.

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Halloween Can Cause Scared Cats and Dogs!

scared cats and dogs

Halloween Can Cause Scared Cats and DogsOctober is the month of changes and Halloween. Some people like getting “scared” with the goblins, ghosts, and horrible monsters. Scared cats and dogs are just that — scared!

Our pets don’t understand why people are dressed funny, wear masks, and try to scare them. For many pets it is a time of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. Pets don’t understand Halloween and can be afraid.

What does fear feel like? Imagine getting a dreaded phone call or dropping your dog’s leash and losing him.
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Outdoor Cat Problems – Animal Communication Testimonial

Outdoor cat problems

Sweet Kitty

What do you tell a barn cat, who adopted you and your house roof, so she understands to behave? Jennifer Wells of Cumming, Georgia contacted me.

“We have an emergency.  I have a sweet kitty, Miss Two Can Sam, who mostly responds to “Kitty”… who keeps waking us up in the wee hours of the morning.  She’s an outdoor kitty (and probably won’t migrate in doors because she’s been a barn kitty for 7 years and has outdoor manners).

Could you, would you, have a conversation with her, please? I don’t know if she’s uncomfortable, or if she’s just hungry.  She’s always hungry.  She was starved when she came here.”

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Cat Peeing Problem Resolved With Animal Communication


Kris Scherer of Coon Rapids, Minnesota contacted me after a friend recommended Animal Bridges. Kris was very frustrated with her wonderful, 7-year old cat Marie, who acts like a dog. The cat’s behavior was very upsetting to the family.

Kris wrote in an email, “Our trouble with her peeing on things is why we are seeking your help. From as long as we can remember, she has not been good at peeing in her litter box. We’ve taken her to the vet several times to rule out any type of health issues but it was concluded that it was a behavior issue and not a health issue. It used to be more sporadic but the last five years it has gotten much worse. We have tried many things…”

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