Excessive Grooming Cat from South Africa was Helped

Excessive grooming cat
Chatul, the excessive grooming cat was helped by Animal Bridges.

Chatul, The Excessive Grooming Cat

Elna van Coller of South Africa was very concerned about her excessive grooming cat. Elna contacted Animal Bridges and our conversation started.

Elna wrote about how Chatul, a Burmese cat, “started excessive grooming her tail” after the other family cat had surgery. Chatul licked until she had no hair on her tail.
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Halloween Can Cause Scared Cats and Dogs!

scared cats and dogs

Halloween Can Cause Scared Cats and DogsOctober is the month of changes and Halloween. Some people like getting “scared” with the goblins, ghosts, and horrible monsters. Scared cats and dogs are just that — scared!

Our pets don’t understand why people are dressed funny, wear masks, and try to scare them. For many pets it is a time of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. Pets don’t understand Halloween and can be afraid.

What does fear feel like? Imagine getting a dreaded phone call or dropping your dog’s leash and losing him.
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5 Tips to Help Your Dog, Cat, or Horse with Change in Routine

Help Your Dog, Cat, or Horse
Where are they?

Where are they?

School has started. Schedules change.

What is changing in your life and your pet’s life?

  • Are your schedules changing from being home during the summer to going back to school?
  • Is your pet’s best buddy going off to college or moving into an apartment?
  • Did your work schedule change and you are working different times?
  • Do you have new activities – sports, meetings, scouts – and won’t be home for your pet?
  • Other changes include new member of family (human or animal), death in family or a friend (human or animal), change in employment, moving, finances, etc.

Although these changes may not affect you, the changes may be confusing to your pet.

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Dog Car Sickness Is Yucky – 5 Tips to Help Your Dog

Dog car sickness
A puppy suffers from dog car sickness.


What do you do with a 10-week old puppy suffers from dog car sickness? Kallie lives in Alaska and has long rides in her future. Doris LaMagdeleine Ruckoldt of Palmer, Alaska wasn’t sure how to help Kallie and asked Animal Bridges for help. Every weekend they travel back to Palmer from Anchorage.

She wrote “I was wondering would you have a suggestion on something I can help Kallie with for her motion sickness? I know people say to ease her into the car rides but I didn’t have time for that when I brought her home.”

“She was showing all the signs of car sickness & stress [dog car sickness]. On my way back to Anchorage on the 4th [of July], I covered only part of her kennel, which was in the front seat of the truck. I had to stop about 12 miles from town to clean up her kennel & her because she had throw up a few times.”

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Animal Bridges on Dogs & Thunderstorms with Katie K9 Radio

Katie K9

Katie K9

Katie K9 of My Talk FM107.1 radio invited Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges to discuss Tellington TTouch® and Healing Touch for Animals® on her radio show on May 18, 2014.

Katie has trained dogs in the Twin Cities for over 30 years and is a wealth of knowledge. She does not use treats as rewards in training. She believes you are the treats/reward for you dogs! Katie’s shows are lively and full of wonderful information.

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Dog Terrified of Thunderstorms Helped with TTouch®

Dog terrified of thunderstorms
Andy, dog terrified of thunderstorms


Andy, a 8-year old Mini Dachshund, found his forever home with Dana Eichert of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Andy has congestive heart failure (CHF) causing poor circulation, lack of energy, restlessness, and coughing.

Also Andy is a dog terrified of thunderstorms. Dana wrote, “He shakes and pants when it is storming. He also goes under the bed or asks to be held tight. I was told not to use the Thundershirt because of his CHF. I do use Rescue Remedy, which seems to work a bit.”

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Tips for Easing Your Senior Dog’s Life

Tips for easing your senior dog's life

tips-easing-sr-dogs-lifeThis article was featured in The K9 Reporter as “Making Life Easier for Your Senior Dog.”   Here additional resources are included that were omitted due to lack of space. You’ll find lots of tips for easing your senior dog’s life.

Are you noticing changes in your senior dog? Is the muzzle getting whiter? Does she walk slower now? Does he have a hard time getting into the car or walking the stairs? I remember when Boomer, my wheaten terrier, started slowly aging. He lived a great life of over 14 years and taught me a lot of living with an older dog.

Here are some of the tips I learned from Boomer and my client’s older dogs.
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Dog Overcomes Fears and Gains Confidence

The following testimonial was posted on Animal Bridges’ Facebook Fan Page:


Isabel came to me from a Cocker Spaniel rescue, where she had spent two years. Evidently she was just too shy to have made a good impression on potential adopters, because she was terrified and miserable, and spent her time hiding, hoping not to be seen. After a year, she gained confidence in me, but was still fearful of almost everything else – especially people.
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Solutions That Diminish A Dog’s Aggression

dogs-aggressionSid Korpi, author of Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss, posted this testimonial on her blog and her LinkedIn on August 6, 2010.  Thanks Sid!

I was recently moved to write the following recommendation on LinkedIn for Elaine Garley, of Animal Bridges. She does animal communication, animal healing touch, TTouch therapy and works with Bach Flower Remedies. The following chronicles the progress she’s helped us make with our newest adoptee, Oliver I wanted those of you who aren’t on LinkedIn to hear of her services, too.—Sid
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Cats Travel in Car Peacefully with Help of Animal Communications

Can cats travel in car for two days? Yes with the help of animal communications.

Laura and Mark needed to know. They talked about moving to Austin, Texas and leaving Minnesota behind. It meant finding jobs, an apartment suitable for three cats, and actually moving there.

Cats travel in car with help of animal communications.


After their plans were set, Laura asked Elaine of Animal Bridges, an animal communicator, to talk to Bear, Bubba, and Sophie and let them know how their lives would change.

I started the animal communication with all three cats and then talked to each of them separately.  Right away Bear said, “Please tell me what is going on. Mark is gone. Is he coming back? Why are there boxes? What is going on?”

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