Interview on Final Pet Goodbyes

Final pet goodbyes

Final pet goodbyesSaying your final pet goodbyes is so difficult. I was interviewed by Dr. Cara Gubbins of Animal Wisdom Circle Expert Interview Series on February 1, 2018.

During “Final Pet Goodbyes: Navigating through Love, Loss and Grief,” we discussed preparing for pet death, the grief, the guilt, and more. With an active discussion, we covered a lot of topics.

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Find the Perfect Dog with Help of Your Angel Dog

Find the Perfect Dog with Help of Your Angel Dog
Livie, soon to be an angel dog, will help find the perfect dog.

Livie’s Favorite Place

How do you find the perfect dog when your very special dog has passed on? You ask your Angel Dog for help! Here is Livie’s story of helping her people find the perfect dog.

I meet Livie, the flat coated retriever, after a very scary time in her life. In December 2014, Livie almost died from Congestive Heart Failure. The vet said she would live about 7 months.

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Preparing for the Death of Your Animal Companion

preparing-for-deathLiving with sick young animal companion or an aging pet is a challenging and very emotional time for all involved. I remember watching Boomer as he lost weight and moved slower. I am forever grateful for my animal communication and Tellington TTouch® skills that helped us face his aging. I could ask him how he was doing and did he want to try another food or continue taking medicine. With TTouch® I made him comfortable. I still cherish the handwritten notes from our conversation when he said he was ready for the vet to come to our house. I am so grateful I knew when he was ready to leave. At the time, I wish I knew more and had more options. I’ve made it my mission to help others as they face this difficult decision.

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Animal Communication Has No Barriers — Language or Distance

Animal communication has no barriers - language or distance


Animal communications knows no boundaries including languages or distance. My friend, Maggie, lives in Texas and works with Ana who recently moved to Texas from Brazil. Ana received a call from her sister in Brazil that their parent’s dog passed away suddenly and they were grieving for their pet.

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