Spraying Cat Explains Why in Animal Communication

spraying-catA testimonial from an Animal Bridges’ client received January 1, 2011:

We had been feeding the stray cats outside for years. It’s how we got all 8 of our own cats. One day the end of Sept 2010, we noticed one of the strays who comes to eat, took up “residence”  in our yard. Hanging around day and nite constantly. We didn’t know this was upsetting to Goofy [a cat].

After a few weeks one of our cats began peeing on things in the house. It took us awhile to figure out that it was Goofy and once we suspected him, we took him to the vet. She concurred that it was probably a territorial thing, rather than an illness so I contacted Elaine.

Goofy – Formerly Spraying Cat

I was shocked and dismayed at how upset he was and we immediately stopped feeding the stray cats. Elaine told us [after an animal communication] that poor Goofy was so stressed about the stray cats eating at “his” house and
more so over the one who had taken up residence in the yard. Goofy was afraid he was going to be put out with the strays.

If not for Elaine’s gifts and talents we would not have known about Goofy’s stresses and been able to immediately reassure him and after Elaine talked to him and we stopped feeding the cats, Goofy was a changed cat!  He was very calm and obviously not stressed, much more relaxed. She also did a
behavior modification [Healing Touch for Animals®] on Goofy because he said it would help him.

Because of Elaine’s help, we were able to eliminate this whole problem in 2  weeks. If not for her, we would have been struggling with it for months.

Thank you so much Elaine.

Claudia Green, Mesa, AZ

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