Senior Dog’s Mobility Improved with Healing Touch for Animals®



When I meet Maggie, a 14 ½ year old vanilla Lab, she was a dignified senior with mobility issues. Although she loved walks, it was getting harder for her to go down stairs and she was not steady on her feet.  Joanne of Minneapolis, her guardian, asked me to come over and have a Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) session with Maggie.

When I arrived, Maggie was lying in her bed in the living room. The intention of the HTA session was to help her be more stable when walking and standing. As I used the energy medicine with her, she relaxed and fell asleep.

The next day Joanne said Maggie was walking better. Previously her rear legs looked like a German Shepherd with them tucked under her. Now her back legs were straighter.

A month later, Joanne asked me to have another HTA session with Maggie. She had problems walking and was dragging her rear left foot. This session Maggie was very active. After I worked on the area of her back with arthritis, she suddenly got up and went outside. After her quick bathroom break, she came back for more. After the session, Maggie went out the front door with me with her legs in the correct upright position. She also walked down the sidewalk steps – the first time in months.

Then another month and a half passed, when Joanne called me again. Maggie was almost 15 years old now. The day before Maggie went for a walk around the block and went outside before bedtime. She was very wobbly and her back legs kept crossing. This morning Maggie didn’t stand up.

Joanne knew Maggie was getting ready to cross over Rainbow Bridge. I explained the session could help Maggie with her mobility or it may help her transition across Rainbow Bridge. We set the intention to help Maggie walk better, reduce any energetic congestion, and for Maggie’s highest good.  Again Maggie was very alert during the session. The next day Maggie was walking much better, standing tall on her hind legs, and moving slowly. She was eating a little bit more.

About a week later, Maggie had tried to get up from her bed, took a few steps, laid down, and wouldn’t or couldn’t move. Also Maggie had stopped eating. Joanne wondered if it was time for Maggie to cross over and  asked me to have an animal communication with her. Maggie confirmed she was ready to cross Rainbow Bridge because her body was failing her.

I was honored to be with Joanne and Maggie in Maggie’s final hours. I provided Maggie energetic support with HTA as Joanne and I told her how she was a wonderful companion and friend. Maggie was very relaxed in her own home and bed as the veterinarian proceeded with the euthanasia and I provided energetic support for her transition. Tears flowed as this dignified dog joined others across Rainbow Bridge.

Maggie peacefully crossed Rainbow Bridge after four wonderful active months from our first session. She will always have a special place in my heart.

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