Bach® Flower Remedies
Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA)
Tellington TTouch Training®

Bach® Flowers

Bach® Flower Remedies balance the emotions of pets and their people. Often during an animal communication session, pets express their fears or explain their excessive behaviors. Working collaboratively, the pet’s people and I determine what the pet needs in order to thrive.

The 38 Bach® remedies were developed to help restore emotional balance and alleviate negative mental states. The most recognized remedy, Rescue® Remedy, is a blend of five flower essences that helps reduce stress for animals and people. It is recommended by veterinarians around the world.

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Healing Touch for Animals®

Healing Touch for Animals® is a holistic approach influencing the health and well-being of animals through energy and intention. HTA is energy work based on chakras to promote energy balance and healing of your pets while providing physical, emotional, mental, and instinctual support/stability. It is similar to Reiki and other energy techniques.

HTA can be done in your home with the practitioner gently putting hands on your pet or from the distance of across the room or from another location. The pets are usually very relaxed after a session.

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Tellington TTouch Training®

Tellington TTouch Training® is a unique method of animal care and training that releases tension,
reduces stress and excessive animal behaviors, and increases body awareness and confidence. TTouch uses a combination of gentle touches and mindful movement to help you and your pet learn a calmer way of life.

Together we will solve your pet problems while enhancing your relationship with your pet.

This video shows Linda Tellington-Jones, the founder, demonstrating a few TTouch® touches on a

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