Pet Psychic or Animal Communicator?

Pet psychic or animal communicator?

Pet psychic or animal communicator? Over 10 years ago, I started to learn about animal communication and realized it came easy to me. I often said I was “psychic” with certain people in my life. I meant we had a connection, and I just “knew stuff” with my intuition.

I freaked out my college roommate by saying, “I haven’t heard from Mike in a while.” A few days later, I received an air mail letter from overseas. She left me a note, “I don’t want to know if this is from Mike!” I also knew exactly when each of my parents died — I wasn’t with them, I just knew.

After I worked with an animal communicator, I asked how I could learn to talk with animals. She said we all could talk to animals as little kids and we were told it wasn’t real.

We all have intuition and some us are able to trust it more. How often do you just know someone is going to cut you off in traffic?

Immediately I decided to develop my animal communication skills. I practiced and practiced.

Now flash forward to two recent Star Tribune newspaper articles mentioning “animal communicator.”  One electronic version headline read “Fido sick as a dog? Pet owners turn to …, even psychics.” I am mentioned in this article.

An earlier article talked about Max, the cat in St. Paul who frequently visited a university library. Yes, I talked to Max too. The electronic title changed from “psychics” to “groupies.” Was the original headline for hype?

How do I feel about this? Over the 10 plus years as a professional animal communicator, I use the term animal communicator. Why? Because so many people are shocked or scared of the word “pet psychic.” It is too “woo-woo” for them. I’ve heard the same reaction to Healing Touch, Reiki, or energy work. You may not understand energy work, but science shows it works.

Also, I know I have skills and “gifts” that are considered “psychic.” Webster Dictionary’s second definition is “lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge: immaterial, moral, or spiritual in origin or force.”

It wasn’t long ago that while driving in a car, you needed to “tune in” the FM radio station. Now it’s digital and the stations tuned in automatically. Could you explain why you had to “tune in” the station? Was it “woo woo” to you? Or did you just do it?

With these psychic skills and gifts, I don’t consider myself a pet psychic because:

  • Often people think of psychics as fortune tellers or predictors of the future. I don’t predict.
  • Sometimes psychics  “read” cards or a person. I don’t.
  • Sometimes it is a one-way conversation with the psychic telling the client the information  he/she is receiving.

I consider myself an animal communicator because:

  • I hear a running conversation in my head that I quickly type into a transcript. I hear words.
  • I feel pain and emotions. For example, recently two different cats gave me indigestion and I burped during the conversations. I felt pain in my palm where a dog had a corn growing in his paw. With this information the veterinarian finally the source of the dog’s limp.
  • I don’t receive pictures from pets. I honor this by letting others do the work as needed.
  • I am a “liaison” for the pet with his pet parents. I send the pet parent the actual transcript of the session. Pets talk about what they want, how they feel, what they want to do, when they are ready to cross The Rainbow Bridge, and so much more.
  • I ask the pet parent’s questions. Usually I ask more questions to have the pet tell me more information.
  • I also get the “knowing feeling” from some pets. Then I ask more questions to clarify what I’m receiving.
  • Animals say exactly what they think. Remember sometimes you think you know what a person is thinking and then you realize you are wrong. This happens in animal communications too.

Wondering what your pet is thinking?

Schedule an Animal Communications, and learn what your pet wants you to know.

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