Who Do You Call? Pet Poison Helpline Experiences

pet-poisonWho do you call? Your dog just ate the chocolate bunny! Your cat got into household cleaner! Do you call your vet or a best friend? Read these Pet Poison Helpline experiences.

This spring within one week, two very good friends who are dog savvy had pet emergencies. Each friend’s dog had eaten something. Fast forward — everyone is fine! And we all learned very important lessons in these real life Pet Poison Helpline experiences.

Here are the stories.

Nala, a 5 month-old, 35 pound puppy knocked the vitamins off the kitchen counter. Her person found the pill box open and supplements everywhere. She had some idea on what Nala ate, but wasn’t really sure. She called the Pet Poison Helpline®.

She learned from her Pet Poison Helpline experiences:

  •  Pet Poison Helpline has a humongous (really, really big) data base listing each vitamin by manufacturer and product. The database includes all types of poisons for cats and dogs.
  • Xylitol, a sweetener that is harmful to pets, is in many vitamins. It can cause low blood sugar in particular. She knew it was in sugar-free candies and gum.
  • Vitamin D3 is toxic and can cause the organs to shut down and can have long time side effects.
  • Whole food supplements may contain iron and garlic powder – possible toxins.
  • The moisture absorbents in vitamins contain iron – another possible toxin.
  • Pet Poison Helpline’s agent checked each supplement/vitamin and broke down all the ingredients in the supplement/vitamin. Then she totaled each toxic substance to determine if any substance or substances met or exceeded toxic levels for Nala. She discussed the results. WOW!
  • Pet Poison Helpline spent 45 minutes on the phone and told her exactly what to do with Nala and what to watch for.
  • This service is $49 for initial consult and any follow ups on this case.
  • You can give your vet the case number so your vet can get more information.
  • Nala is doing great.

Now for the more mature Lilly, a Husky. Lilly can pick up something on a walk faster than you can shout “NO!”

On a previous walk Lilly found chewing gum. This time she ate a piece of chocolate in a small wrapper.

Her mom called me concerned about Lilly. “Do I make her vomit?” Because Lilly’s size, about 50 pounds, I guessed there wasn’t enough chocolate to affect Lily.

Lilly’s mom called Pet Poison Helpline to be sure.

Lilly’s mom found out from her Pet Poison Helpline experiences:

  • The candy was probably milk chocolate.  Depending on the size of the pet and the amount eaten, milk chocolate, Baker’s chocolate, and dark chocolate can be toxic.
  • Pet Poison Helpline provided Lilly’s mom with a  formula to determine how much milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or Baker’s chocolate is toxic for Lilly based of her weight.
  • Now Lilly’s mom has a visual on what is toxic for Lily.

Please right now put the Pet Poison Helpline 855-764-7761 in your phone.

It is a great comfort knowing they are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

If an incident ever happens, call The Pet Poison Helpline at 855-764-7761 with the following information:

  • Your dog/cat’s weight.
  • Your dog/cat’s age.
  • What she/he ate.
  • Have wrappers/containers handy or be able to describe the product and the amount.
  • Remember to exhale.
  • Do NOT give your pet any home remedies!
  • Do NOT induce vomiting until you talk with Pet Poison Hotline or your vet!
  • Have your credit card ready to pay for the $49 fee per incident. You will be able to call back if you have any questions about the incident.

Check out their website today. Pet Poison Helpline website has a search for possible poisons and several guides to pet safety.

Pet Poison Helpline is my first choice for a possible pet poisoning. The staff understands what to look for and what to do. They have so much information at their finger tips!

I hope you never need to call Pet Poison Helpline.

So now relax knowing you have valuable information in your phone.

PS – Did you add Pet Poison Helpline to your phone? Please do it now! 855-764-7761

Hobbes and your pet(s) thank you!


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