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 Animal Communication, Minneapolis, MN

barking dog problemsMary Ellen was moving from a house to an apartment. Since Dominic was a problem barking dog, she thought she needed to find him a new home. He also pulled on the leash. After the first TTouch® session, Dominic sat quietly outside as a duck flew overhead. At the third TTouch® session, Mary Ellen told me he sat outside as seven dogs walked by. Dominic made low mummers at most of the dogs, and barked at one. He also walked very politely on the leash. A month later, Dominic made a successful transition to apartment life.

"Thank you for all your assistance and shared insights in caring for our dear Dominic. The techniques and strategies have been very helpful in taming and quieting Dominic. They are also relaxing us as owners, now we have a calmer way of working with Dominic."

Mary Ellen Gevelinger, Madison, WI

"You are a very gifted animal communicator. The information you get from the animals you talk to is very helpful — it’s definitely stuff we can use to help improve our relationships with our pets."

Deb Merton,
Hammond, WI

Animal Communication success storyDeb asked me to have an animal communication session with her deaf Border Collie. She wanted to know what happened during a photo shoot and what she could do to help him. He explained that he was startled at the photographer’s studio because he doesn’t hear. He is very sensitive to touch, and gave very specific instructions on how to touch and groom him.

Animal Communication success story

Barkley, the cat, enjoyed walking around the neighborhood on his leash with Gail. He lived a long life and Gail was grieving the death of her best friend and pet.  We met on the sidewalk and shared tears about Barkley’s passing. I told Gail I would be honored have an animal communication with Barkley. Barkley sent back words of reassurance and love to Gail.

"Thank you so much for talking to Barkley for me. Your words (his words) are truly helping to heal the pain in my heart [about his passing]. I hope you realize You have a wonderful gift, thank you for sharing that gift with Barkley and me."

Gail Hultmann, Minneapolis, MN

"Elaine helped us with our Rosie’s first aging issues and gave us ideas about how to help her chronic anxiety during thunderstorms.We also know more about Rosie's feelings after Elaine had a conversation with her — it's a wonderful thing to understand both her additional concerns and also her great love for us.

Julie Roth,
Minneapolis, MN

hyperactive dog problemsWhen I arrived for a TTouch® session, Rosie was pacing because of a distant thunderstorm. I showed Julie TTouch® techniques to help with her dog’s anxiety. As Rosie stopped pacing and relaxed, we discussed how to help Rosie with her aging dog body. Another day, Rosie and I had an animal communication session about an incident and Rosie explained what happened. She also told me her thoughts about aging and her love for the family.

Sadie was a two-year-old yellow lab in continual motion, with her tail swinging back and forth all the time. Amber wanted Sadie to be calmer in the house and walk without pulling. During the first session, I helped Amber and her five-year-old daughter understand what it might feel like to be a hyperactive dog. After the first TTouch® session, Sadie was calmer and was no longer in continual motion. Over four TTouch® sessions, Sadie gained confidence and focus, walked politely, and stopped barking at the air.

"After you worked with her a few times, you not only helped Sadie, you also helped me with Sadie. She is more calm and relaxed. She is a much better dog because of your guidance. Thank you Elaine for all that you have done."

Amber Garley, Baldwin, WI

Disclaimer: The services provided by Animal Bridges are regarded to be supportive, complementary methods for alleviating certain emotional, social, behavioral, and physical conditions. They are not intended to serve as a substitute for veterinary care, nor should they be used as such. Refer to a licensed veterinary practitioner for medical care.