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Animal Communication Minnesota
TTouch® helps your pet with:

Dog anxiety, fear and shyness, including:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Vet visits
  • Separation anxiety
  • Car sickness and travel challenges

Common animal behavior challenges, including:

  • Leash pulling
  • Excessive barking and chewing
  • Resistance to grooming

Physical issues, including:

  • Aging and mobility
  • Pain and stiffness

and more!

Tellington TTouch Training®

Tellington TTouch Training® is a unique method of animal care and training that releases tension, reduces stress and excessive animal behaviors, and increases body awareness and confidence. TTouch® uses a combination of gentle touches and mindful movement to help you and your pet learn a calmer way of life.

Together we will solve your pet problems while enhancing your relationship with your pet.

This video shows Linda Tellington-Jones, the founder, demonstrating a few TTouch® touches on a dog:

TTouch® Stories

Whining and Vocalization  |  Melissa Madsen, Coon Rapids, MN

Melissa didn't want her dog, Patch, back on medications for his excessive whining and fears. After a brief Introduction to TTouch® class, Melissa saw changes in Patch.

"It was the quietest car ride we’ve ever had. I kept looking to see if Patch was in the car!"

Tellington TTouch® helps whining
Pulling on the Leash  |  Gwen Riedl, Minneapolis, MN

Lucy has severe hip dysplasia and pulled on the leash. Gwen and Lucy attended an Introduction to TTouch® class.

"Lucy and I went for our first long walk this morning after the class yesterday using her new halter and leash. It was the most relaxing walk we’ve ever had!"

Tellington TTouch® helps Pulling on the leash
Fearful and Shy  |  Janelle Ranek, Minneapolis, MN

At her first session, timid Gracie would not come within 10 feet of me. After several TTouch® sessions, Gracie ran up to me.

"Gracie went from being terrified of everything including cars, people, and fire hydrants to taking obedience level 5 classes, kayaking, and joining me running around the lakes. Thank you!"

Tellington TTouch® helps Fearful and shy dog problems
Disclaimer: The services provided by Animal Bridges are regarded to be supportive, complementary methods for alleviating certain emotional, social, behavioral, and physical conditions. They are not intended to serve as a substitute for veterinary care, nor should they be used as such. Refer to a licensed veterinary practitioner for medical care.