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 Animal Communication, Minneapolis, MN


Healing Touch for Animals®
Energy medicine with intention that supports the body to self-heal
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Tellington TTouch Training®
for Companion Animals, Horses, and Humans
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How to Help Animals in Minnesota
Help stop inhumane dog and
cat breeding
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Foster My Pet
Helping families in crisis keep their pets
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Happy Dog Connections
You and Your Dog Beyond Training
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Your pet is our business
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The Pet Project
Keeping People And Their Pets Together
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Sidewalk Dog™
Your local path to dog-friendly living
Online community guide to dog-friendly
Twin Cities
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Disclaimer: The services provided by Animal Bridges are regarded to be supportive, complementary methods for alleviating certain emotional, social, behavioral, and physical conditions. They are not intended to serve as a substitute for veterinary care, nor should they be used as such. Refer to a licensed veterinary practitioner for medical care.