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Animal Communication Minnesota
HTA helps your animals:
  • Relieve pain
  • Recover from injury and illness
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Work through chronic illness and disease
  • Relieve allergies
  • Clarify appropriate behavior
  • Recover from abuse and trauma
  • Build confidence
  • Help age gracefully with dignity
  • Devlop a greater animal-human bond
  • With end of life and euthanasia support

Healing Touch for Animals®

Have you ever experienced the relaxing and amazing results from energy work like Healing Touch® or Reiki?

Your pets can also experience the holistic approach of energy work and intention with Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA). HTA builds a bridge between holistic animal health care and complements traditional veterinary medicine. From wellness to injury and sickness, HTA can improve your pet’s well being.

All shapes and sizes of animals enjoy the benefits of HTA. All species respond to the energy work, essential oils, and tuning forks. I work with your pets at your home or from a distance.

HTA Stories

Allergies  |  Denise Anderman, Golden Valley, MN

Lwood had suffered from allergies requiring veterinary care for most of his life. Denise wanted Lwood to have some relief from his itching and chewing on his feet. I helped Lwood with HTA and essential oils and taught Denise simple TTouch® techniques that she now uses with Lwood and her other dogs.

"I am seeing a new and improved Lwood today. [Even] with all the trees blooming, his allergies are better! He slept through the night without me waking up to him panting — that’s a first in a long time."

Healing Touch for Animals® helps Allergies
Aging Dog - Gift of Quality of Life  |  Julie Roth, Minneapolis, MN

Rosie was a dignified, 12-year old collie whose body was failing. Julie called and said Rosie was very agitated and they were thinking of helping her with euthanasia. Rosie’s hind legs barely supported her and sometimes she walked in circles until she fell down. She was panting and showing other signs of stress. I suggested that Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) might help Rosie energetically prepare herself and make her transition easier. We had no expectations. After the HTA session, Rosie’s gift was a beautiful additional week with her family. She was able to get up and walk without any help for that one final week of her life.

"After the session, Rosie was very relaxed, and after Elaine left, I went to be near her again. Rosie lifted her head to me. Her eyes were bright, [...] her mouth wide and smiling in a passionate, blissful way I had never seen before. She was trying so hard to tell me how beautiful and loved she felt!

“Thank you so much, again, for helping our sweet girl get to where she needed to go. Your gifts are a blessing and your service is invaluable.”

Healing Touch for Animals® and quality of life
Surgery Recovery  |  Elaine and Hobbes
Hobbes, my wheaten terrier, had surgery to remove several benign cysts and teeth cleaning. Dr. Cathy Sinning at Lake Harriet Veterinary said I could perform HTA on Hobbes as soon as he was in recovery. I started a session as soon as the intubation tube was removed. Dr. Megan Schommer, the surgical vet, and vet techs were amazed with his fast recovery from anesthesia. We walked out 1 hour and 15 minutes later after paying the bill and Hobbes jumped into the SUV! Later Dr. Megan said often dogs are still wobbly after 2 hours and Hobbes recovered very quickly.

“Once again Healing Touch for Animals® amazed me.”

Illness Recovery   |  Patricia Jones and Allen Gibas
Harvey, a 12-year old golden doodle, spent hours in the emergency clinic. The vet sent him home with antibiotics and anti-nausea medicine. He may have an abdominal tumor. Harvey hadn’t moved in 17 hours and his people expected the worst. Patrica, a neighbor, came to my front door in tears saying “Harvey is dying.” I went immediately to their house and spoke with her husband, Allen Gibas. Within minutes I started a HTA session. Two days later I saw Harvey was walking down the sidewalk with his tail wagging! Over a year later, Harvey is active dog.

“It was comforting having Elaine with us at this critical time. It seemed like having a midwife or a doula at a birth. It is wonderful to know Elaine and have her travel this path with us.”
Severe Leg Wound  |  Connie Champnoise, Blue River, WI

Connie e-mailed me that Mike, her large Bay horse, had injured his leg during the night. In an animal communication session, Mike said he was in pain. Connie said he could not put his hoof down. Using HTA distance work, I worked from my office in Minneapolis while Mike was in his pasture in Wisconsin. My intention was to remove the energy congestion on his leg, so his leg would heal quickly. I felt the energy running though my body.

The next morning, Connie said "Mike put some pressure on his foot."

Healing Touch for Animals® helps severe leg wound
Disclaimer: The services provided by Animal Bridges are regarded to be supportive, complementary methods for alleviating certain emotional, social, behavioral, and physical conditions. They are not intended to serve as a substitute for veterinary care, nor should they be used as such. Refer to a licensed veterinary practitioner for medical care.