Is My Pet Telling Me Something?

Is my pet telling me something?

Is my pet telling me something?

Do you wonder “is my pet telling me something?” or “why is he doing that?”

Recently Hobbes started limping on his front leg. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I checked his foot and didn’t find anything. I immediately made an appointment with his vet.

The next day at his appointment, the vet looked at his “sore foot.” He asked, “Do you clip his nails?” Guilt crept in — what did I do?

The vet pointed out Hobbes’ long toe nail was rubbing on a foot pad. No wonder he was limping!  The vet recommended trimming the nail and using New-Skin® Liquid Bandage or a similar liquid bandage on Hobbes’ sore pad.

When we came home, I trimmed Hobbes’ toe nail, smoothed the rough edges with a Dremel, and put on the New-Skin. I told Hobbes I was sorry. Yes, he was telling me something and I didn’t see it! Immediately he stopped limping.

I was busy and forgot to clip Hobbes’ toe nails. I’ve learned to listen to his nails tapping on the hardwood floors on on the sidewalks.

Have you experienced your pet telling you something?

  • Suddenly your cat isn’t using a litter box. What changed? Was it a new brand of litter? Was the litter box moved? Are the sides on the box too high for an older cat?
  • Your pet is suddenly picky about her food. Is she acting sick – diarrhea, peeing a lot, or throwing up? Does the food smell funny to her? What does the vet say?
  • Your dog is holding up one leg or limping. Did you check his foot and pads? Is his leg tender to touch? Rest may resolve the problem. When in doubt, check with your vet.

You know when your pet’s behavior changes. Your pet’s best advocate is you!

Is my pet telling me something? Yes!

When you aren’t sure about your pet’s behavior, just stop, look, and listen. Always seek professional help when you are concerned about your best friend. You are his/her best advocate. Tips on how to be your pet’s best advocate.

Let’s help you find ways to help your pet. Today schedule a 15-minute free phone consultation with Elaine at Animal Bridges.

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