Interview on Final Pet Goodbyes

Final pet goodbyes

Final pet goodbyesSaying your final pet goodbyes is so difficult. I was interviewed by Dr. Cara Gubbins of Animal Wisdom Circle Expert Interview Series on February 1, 2018.

During “Final Pet Goodbyes: Navigating through Love, Loss and Grief,” we discussed preparing for pet death, the grief, the guilt, and more. With an active discussion, we covered a lot of topics.

During the interview Cara and I discussed:

  • One listener helped her dog transition earlier in the day. I recommended the article in the Washington Post on pet death. It is discusses the pain from pet death and a relative’s death.
  • My story on pet death and a relative’s reaction.
  • Two clients’ stories of grief and guilt and how animal communication helped them.

Then Cara asked for “other ways to navigate this process.”

  • Pet’s bucket/want to do list.
  • My story of Boomer’s, my second Wheaten, requests and my promise.

Helpful links we discussed:

  • MN Pets provide at home pet hospice and home euthanasia (for Minneapolis/St. Paul area). The staff is very understanding and kind. Also provide grief support.
  • Joy Sessions are beautiful end of life photograph sessions by professional photographers from around the world.
  • What to do with the ashes of loved ones? Kim Julen of Finding Your Fiji’s blog  on this topic.

Suggestions for helping grieving pet parents:

  • My husband and I forced ourselves to continue our evening walks. It let us connect with the dog community in our neighborhood.
  • Check with your local Humane Society for support groups.
  • Grief is a physical process. Accept it and live with it. Do what is best for you.
  • Accept signs from your pet. Be open.

Is it time for another pet?

  • Ask your other pets if he/she wants another companion with an animal communication.
  • Follow your instincts. Often the previous pet is helping you find the perfect pet.
  • Client’s story of a new pet coming into their life.

Listen to the wonderful hour plus discussion on “Final Pet Goodbyes: Navigating through Love, Loss and Grief.” Let us help you prepare for your hardest decision as a pet parent.


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