Interview on Animal Communication & Intuitive Gifts

Interview on Animal Communication and Intuitive Gifts

Interview on Animal Communication and Intuitive GiftsAccepting your intuitive gifts is often difficult for anyone including a professional animal communicator. I was interviewed by Dr. Cara Gubbins of Animal Wisdom Circle Expert Interview Series on August 3, 2017.

During “Animal Communication — How the Pros Do It,” we discussed animal communication and intuitive gifts. With an active discussion, we covered a lot of topics.

During the interview Cara asked me and we discussed:

  • Who can communicate with animals? We talked with animals as children.
  • How do you prepare and connect to an animal for an animal communication?
  • I set my intention for every animal communication. Now I automatically ground myself.
  • What was it like when you were learning animal communicating?
  • What are your intuitive gifts? I hear a running conversation, feel pain, and emotions.
  • Did you struggle with accepting your intuitive gifts? Yes, I struggled as I compared myself to other animal communicators.  Hear how I learned to accept my intuitive gifts.
  • Hardest lesson is trust yourself!
  • Sometimes pets have different ideas than their pet parents. Like people, you don’t always know what they are thinking.
  • What modalities do you use and how did you learn about them? I explained my journey from the corporate world to helping pet parents “bring out the best in their pets.”

I also answered questions from an Argentinean caller about how to improve her communication style.

Cara summarized the interview by sharing her favorite quotes of the hour:

  • “What comes to you is YOUR WAY.”
  •  “Your GIFTS will keep coming.”

Listen to the wonderful hour discussion on “Animal Communication – How the Pros Do It.” Let us help you accept your intuitive gifts and do animal communication.

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