Indoor Activities for Dogs, Cats, and You

Indoor activities for dogs, cats, and you

Bored dog looking for indoor activities for dogs, cats, and people.Is your dog or cat bored? Need ideas? These creative indoor activities for dogs and cats will keep your pets entertained. Many of the activities are based on items from around your house. For fun there are  some tips for you too. Have fun!

The indoor activities for dogs are:

  • Put some old toys away and bring out toys she hasn’t seen in a while.
  • Put a plastic bottle in a sock and throw it across the room. Great for those who love crinkly sounds.
  • Hide treats around the house. Then have him hunt and eat..
  • Teach a new trick or fine tune an old trick. Does she do something cute? Make it a trick.
  • Practice the basic commands of sit, down, off, touch, come, and stay with wonderful treats. Make it fun.
  • For more ideas, check out Beat the Cold with Indoor Dog Activities from the StarTribune. Have fun!

Cats have it easy – they don’t know it is really cold out unless they are sitting on the window sills.  Here are a few tips for cats:

  • My favorite game for cats is to clear off all the surfaces in the bathroom. Put a ping pong ball and cat in the bathtub. Let the fun begin!
  • Make simple toys out of toilet paper rolls with these easy directions.
  • Have a single sock in your drawer? Who doesn’t? Watch this video on entertaining cats with socks.

For people, here are some suggestions:

  • Call a friend who you keep thinking about. She will love hearing from you even if it is over a year!
  • Find the book you wanted to read, and give yourself a book holiday.
  • If you love puzzles pull out a jigsaw puzzle. If you get stuck, I may be over to help. I become addicted very quickly.
  • Remember the craft you didn’t finish. It is a perfect time to work on it.
  • Enjoy the time with your pets. They love when you sit with them and quietly stroke them.

These tips can get you through the cold, snowy winter days or the heat of summer.


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