Help Your Pet with Car Sickness, Leash Pulling, Fear & More

Have you ever experienced being embarrassed by your pet’s behavior? Or your pet is afraid of thunderstorms or gets car sick?  I have and know the feelings of embarrassment, frustration, and not knowing where to go for help.



I remember my shock and embarrassment when my previous dog, Boomer, was at the vet’s for a physical. As the vet looked into his eyes, Boomer made a guttural growl from his belly. He sounded like something from the “Exorcist” movie! Yes, the exam ended and Boomer needed to come back to the vet for some blood work.

A few days later I tried a new technique that helped him with his fears and the results were amazing. Boomer’s next vet visit went so well, the vet wanted to know what I had done.

What was this “new” technique? It is Tellington TTouch®. What I love about TTouch® is I teach you and you are empowered to help your dog, cat, bird, any type of pet you have including snakes.

Here are some of my client stories. Get a warm or cool drink and take a few minutes to see how TTouch® can help all of you.



Kallie, a 10-week old puppy was showing all the signs of car sickness and stress.

What do you do with a 10-week old puppy who is car sick? Kallie lives in Alaska and has long rides in her future. Doris LaMagdeleine Ruckoldt of Palmer, Alaska wasn’t sure how to help Kallie and asked Animal Bridges for help. Every weekend they travel back to Palmer from Anchorage.   Read more…





Russell reacted to other dogs. His pet parent had difficulty keeping him on course on their daily runs.

Russell, a 61-pound American Traveler (mixed breed) is reactive to other dogs across the street. If a dog comes over to sniff him, Russell is known to immediately go into fight mode. Read more…





Andy, a mini dachshund, was terrified of thunderstorms.

Andy, an 8-year old Mini Dachshund, found his forever home with Dana Eichert of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Andy has congestive heart failure (CHF) causing poor circulation, lack of energy, restlessness, and coughing. Also Andy is terrified of thunderstorms. Read more…



These are only a few of the TTouch® client stories of how pet parents helped their lovely pets. Remember TTouch® can be used on any pet.

Are you concerned about your pet’s fears, behaviors, injuries, or aging?

Schedule your Free 15-minute Phone Consultation today and let’s talk about it.


  1. Helen says

    Dear Elaine – We recently adopted a 3 year old female Labrador, Peppa from the SPCA. She has started displaying aggressive behaviour while on lead towards other dogs and children. I think this comes from fear and trying to settle into a new home. How can I help her?

    Kind regards

  2. Elaine says

    Hi Helen, It sounds like Peppa does have some fear about dogs and children. Tellington TTouch Method is a great way to build a dog’s confidence. The TTouch Ear Slides are very helpful with shy and fearful dogs Also moving the leash from the collar to a harness helps. I’d love to talk with you about Peppa. Schedule a free 15-minute phone consult and we can chat — I look forward to helping you.

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