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Testimonial on help for a sick dog


Harvey was sick in October 2011 and I wrote an blog entry about his Healing Touch for Animals® session. Here is a testimonial from one of his people. I added comments in the brackets.

Harvey became sick last October [2011]. We took him first to his regular clinic where he was given some tests. We were told he seemed to a neurological problem. Although it seemed he might be dying, we didn’t want to do thousands

of dollars of diagnostic work when any benefit seemed dubious. He was throwing up, coughing, and seemed even sicker and we were considering not doing anything further. But we thought if there was an easily solvable solution — like antibiotics for an infection, we would of course want to do it. So we went to the emergency vet. She did a stomach x-ray which looked all right and then an ultrasound which looked okay to her, but the radiologist’s opinion was there was likely an abdominal mass. Again, any further testing seemed too costly when any interventions would not be promising. We decided to give him an antibiotic just in case he had an infection.

The next morning we realized that Harvey hadn’t moved for 17 hours. His breathing had become very shallow. I was fairly certain he was close to death, maybe within minutes or the hour. This dog has been incredibly precious to our family and we were very, very sad to be losing him. Our daughter was flying home from college to see him before he died. With death seeming imminent, I wanted Elaine to come. I ran to her house crying.

Elaine was home and came back to my house. She sat on the floor next to Harvey and started Healing Touch [for Animals®]. It was comforting having Elaine with us at this critical time. It seemed kind of like have a midwife or a doula at a birth.

Elaine is experienced, knowledgeable, fully present, and caring.  After some time of the Healing Touch, Harvey’s breathing deepened and he sighed. He seemed to be coming back from the edge.

Later that day he was able to stand up outside and he began to eat. By the time our daughter arrived at MSP [Minneapolis airport], he seemed out-of-the-woods, at least for the time being.

In weeks following people said he looked like a puppy. I can see the old-ness in him. We are happy he is doing so well.

Now, it’s July. Last month we took Harvey to Grand Marais [Minnesota] where he enjoys the rocks, the lake [Lake Superior], and the time together with us. This was just one of many things we have delighted in with Harvey’s extra time.

In December [2011], we had another scare and Elaine did an Animal Communication with Harvey. I didn’t think it could be true because what she heard didn’t mesh with my sense of the situation, but it has turned out to prove true. Harvey continues to have many more ups and downs than in his younger life. It is wonderful to know Elaine and have her travel this path with us.

Patricia Jones, Minneapolis, Minnesota


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    I am writing a curriculum for continuing education (CE) for the Animal Behavior College ( One section is on HTA, and I would like your permission to use this case history of a success with HTA (including a link to this page). Please email me directly. Thank you.

    For anyone reading this comment, I am a holistic veterinarian and I suggest every person with an animal take at least the one weekend basic HTA class.

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