Halloween Can Cause Scared Cats and Dogs!

scared cats and dogs

Halloween Can Cause Scared Cats and DogsOctober is the month of changes and Halloween. Some people like getting “scared” with the goblins, ghosts, and horrible monsters. Scared cats and dogs are just that — scared!

Our pets don’t understand why people are dressed funny, wear masks, and try to scare them. For many pets it is a time of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. Pets don’t understand Halloween and can be afraid.

What does fear feel like? Imagine getting a dreaded phone call or dropping your dog’s leash and losing him.

How do you feel?

  • Do you feel your gut tightening up?
  • Are you holding your breathe?
  • Are you shoulders hunched, hands clenched, and your muscles tight?
  • Are your knees locked?
  • Do you feel the fear to your very core?

Now imagine living like this every time you:

  • Hear a loud noise or thunder.
  • See a person with a hat.
  • See a small or large dog.
  • .Get in the car
  • Walk or are dragged into the vet’s or groomer’s office.

This is what many of our pets feel. People say the dog is “aggressive.” Really he is “reacting” to things around him. He doesn’t enjoy this feeling and we can help him!

I’ve met so many pets that are stressed and really afraid.

Scared cats and dogs express their fear by:

  • Barking or hissing.
  • Hiding behind people.
  • Trembling.
  • Running away.
  • Getting car sick.
  • Trying to “throw the first punch” so they aren’t hurt or attacked.
  • Snapping or biting.
  • Peeing in the wrong places.
  • And even more actions then I will list.

We can help our scared cats and dogs!

  • Please leave her home if she trembles or is miserable in crowds. Taking her to events only causes more fear. If you are afraid of something, do you want to do it?
  • Now exhale. Yes you need to exhale and be calm. Then keep breathing calmly.
  • Slowly stroke him and tell him you will protect him.
  • Slowly stroke her ears from the ear base at the skull to the tip of the ear.
  • Try Bach® Rescue Remedy and see if it helps calm her a little.
  • Find out why he is afraid with an animal communication.

Today we have lots of ways to help our pets with their fears.

  • TTouch® is a wonderful gentle bodywork and movement that help our pets move beyond their fear. My beloved Boomer taught me about TTouch® and its amazing results. I will teach you how to help your pet with TTouch® in your home or by Skype.
  • Thundershirts are available for cats and dogs.
  • Healing Touch for Animals® helps calm animals. It also can remove the trauma.
  • Essential oils may help your dogs. Be very careful what oils you use with cats. Elaine can help you.

Fear is an emotion all living beings experience. Like other emotions, the fear may be deep seated in one’s body’s memory.

Personally I feel you can’t give treats to move a pet beyond fear. I know the best chocolate won’t help me with my concerns (not fear) of heights. Animals need help like you if you had a scary incident in your life.

Concerned about your pet? Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation on ways to help him.

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