Frightened Abandoned Dog’s Life Improved with TTouch® and Healing Touch for Animals®

Coco’s life forever changed when a kind man found her on the side of a busy highway near Brainerd, Minnesota. He and his wife realized they could not keep her, they asked their daughter, Caree, to please save this dog. As Caree drove back to the Twin Cities with Coco, she asked me to tell Coco (in an animal communication session), the sunburned and extremely thin Chihuahua, that she had a new forever home.  Caree described Coco as very sunburn, thin, frightened Chihuahua mix.

Coco and I talked. She started our conversation with “It is a very busy week. First I was in the road, then I was picked up by a very nice gentleman, and now I’m in a car again with Caree. This is very tiring.” She continued about her life in a puppy mill, commented on her puppy mill name “Tiny. What a dumb name!” and was excited to met Caree’s big dog. “I want to stay with Caree in a forever home. I hope she can keep me. I don’t want to go out on the street again.”

A few months after adopting Coco, Caree asked me to help with her dog’s anxiety (loud noises, thunderstorms, vet visits, and nail clipping), and separation anxiety.

When I walked in to Caree’s house, Coco barked continuously. Her tail was so tight between her legs, I could not see it. She was nervous to let me touch her. After a few minutes, she let me touch her back and then her ears. As she sat in her dog bed, I gently used TTouch® touches on her body and then her face. Coco started to relax her very tense body. Slowly I was able to approach her tail that was glued to her leg and underside. As I slowly worked with the tail, Coco relaxed and let her tail uncoil from her body. Caree was shocked to see a beautiful brown diamond on Coco’s tail! Previously Coco’s tail was always under her body. Coco took self-appointed breaks by walking away and then come back to me. She started bumping my hand as if to ask for more.

Since we developed a trust, I also decided to use Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) on Coco. All of her charkas were closed. Using a beautiful HTA technique, I energetically gave her unconditional love and told her she was very safe in her forever home. Also I asked her to change her behavior and to only bark once when people came to the door. Coco relaxed and her eyes softened even more. When I check her charkas again, they were open.

We gave Coco a break as I taught Caree the various TTouches and how to use Bach Rescue® Remedy for Pets. Suddenly Coco jumped up and pranced out of the room with her tail up high and continued to prance around the house. We smiled as Coco showed her tail for the first time!

Now a month later after using  the integrated services session, Caree said Coco is much calmer and quieter. They continue with TTouches® with Coco and especially on her tail. They occasionally use Pet Rescue® Remedy when Coco has a stressful situation. Life is good and they are all thankful!

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