Find the Perfect Dog with Help of Your Angel Dog

Find the Perfect Dog with Help of Your Angel Dog
Livie, soon to be an angel dog, will help find the perfect dog.

Livie’s Favorite Place

How do you find the perfect dog when your very special dog has passed on? You ask your Angel Dog for help! Here is Livie’s story of helping her people find the perfect dog.

I meet Livie, the flat coated retriever, after a very scary time in her life. In December 2014, Livie almost died from Congestive Heart Failure. The vet said she would live about 7 months.

In March 2015, I taught her people to use Tellington TTouch® to help with her breathing and other symptoms. Livie drooled after a few minutes of TTouch Ear Slides. Then Livie improved!

Now fast forward to the summer of 2016. Livie was slowly declining. She still loved swimming in the Mississippi River with two tennis balls in her mouth.

Livie, crossed Rainbow Bridges three weeks later. About two weeks after she crossed over, I spoke to Livie to see how she was doing and what messages she had for her family.

Elaine:   Livie, do you have a favorite memory you want to share with [your family]?

Livie:      Well, of course, the favorite is swimming with my tennis balls. This summer was the best summer for me. I wasn’t young any more. I did appreciate the swims more than I ever thought I would. I was grateful for each time I could go out and build another memory. I have so many wonderful memories from this year and other years. I lived the best life. We showed the vet how much I could live life. I’m so grateful for my life. I had a wonderful time.

Then I asked Livie about any messages for her family. She sent messages and then commented on her dog brother, Finn.

Livie:          Also I told Finn what he needed to do to take up some of my responsibilities. He looks like he is doing well too. I want all of you to keep living life like we did. I want you go outside often and enjoy the wonderful weather. I want you to crunch through the leaves for me. I want you to live life to your fullest. I will visit you when I can. You can still talk to me. Sometimes I may answer you too. I LOVE YOU so much. You are the best family. I LOVE YOU. Bye.

Mary Ann was missing Livie’s spirit and thought it might be time to look for a companion dog for Finn. She wanted to find the perfect dog! She looked online and found a dog, or so she thought. It wasn’t the right dog.

Then in late October, I talked to Finn about another dog.

Elaine:   Would you like to have a companion dog? If so, what would you like in that companion?

Finn:      Well, I’m in no rush. I can wait until the spring if we get a young puppy. If it is sooner, than we could get an older dog. By older I mean younger than me and doesn’t need to be taught about potty issues. I want a dog with energy and enthusiastic. I’d like to play with a dog. We would be on equal footing and be friends. That is what I want. Someone who can do the walks with me and run with me. I would like that.

Elaine:   Do you have a preference of a male or female?

Finn:      Nope. I know Livie will send us the perfect dog. She told me she would find us a dog when we were ready. I think we are starting to get ready. But no rush.

Elaine:   Thanks for your insight Finn. Is there anything else you want to add to your want list for another dog?

Finn:      One that is fun, lively, happy, and realizes what a wonderful home is waiting for him or her. I want a dog that is understanding and affectionate. One who wants to be part of a family rather than a loner dog. One who is calm and wonderful.

Elaine:   Finn, sometimes a dog isn’t calm until they find the perfect home.

Finn:      I know. I’ll help him or her adjust. I just want a great dog. I know we will find the perfect dog cause Livie is helping us when we are ready.

Elaine:   I’m glad you talked to her about the next dog. That really helps knowing she is giving her blessing.

About a month later, Finn and his people head to a dog park. A woman told them about Riley whose person planned on surrendering her to a shelter. The person wasn’t in good shape. Friends, fond of sweet Riley, couldn’t let her go to a shelter. Julia took in Riley and realized the she couldn’t keep her.

Now this wasn’t any dog park. It was Livie’s favorite dog park! Julia had just posted a flyer about Riley. Was Livie helping Finn find his new best friend? Later Finn met Riley at the same park and became wonderful friends.

A few days later, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Riley officially became Finn’s new best friend. His people are thrilled.

Yes, Riley is a calm dog who plays with Finn.

When I talked to Riley a few weeks later, Riley and Finn were sleeping together in the dog bed for the first time. Riley was very concerned about her previous person. I explained what happened and she was grateful. Then I asked her about Finn.

Elaine:   How do you like living with Finn?

Riley:      I think at the park Finn understand how I could help him enjoy life. It was so much fun to run with him. I like lying with him too. I’m just so happy. Finn is a youngster and he is learning a lot. He is teaching me the rules of the house and what to do here. I’m very grateful to be with him and teach him what I know too.

Elaine:   Great! What do you want to tell Finn?

Riley:      Can he hear me?

Elaine:   He is probably listening in.

Riley:     Good. Finn, I’m not here to replace you or your lovely sister who passed. Remember you told me all about her. I’m sorry for your loss and I am also grateful for it too. I will try my best to be the best dog I can be. I want to be your best friend. Please let me know how I can help you. I’m really enjoying you too. Thank you for letting me stay here. I’m so grateful we can be buddies and forever friends.

Elaine:   Thank you Riley.

Riley:      I’m so grateful to be here with (sigh) this wonderful family. …The energy in the house is calm and wonderful. It is grounding.

Elaine:   They are grateful to have you too.… How can we help you with this?

Riley:     You have done everything you need to do. The rest is icing on the cake. Thank you. …

Elaine:   Do you have any messages for [your new family]?

Riley:     Thank you so much for saving me from a world of uncertainty to a wonderful world of love and calmness. I’m so grateful. Thank you. I plan to live with you for a very long time! Thank you again. I think (yawn) I’ll take a nap. Thank you again. Bye.

Elaine:   Bye Riley. I’m sure I will talk to you again. Take care.

Thank you Livie for bringing Mary Ann the perfect dog. Remember to ask your Angel Dog for help.

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