Excessive Grooming Cat from South Africa was Helped

Excessive grooming cat
Chatul, the excessive grooming cat was helped by Animal Bridges.

Chatul, The Excessive Grooming Cat

Elna van Coller of South Africa was very concerned about her excessive grooming cat. Elna contacted Animal Bridges and our conversation started.

Elna wrote about how Chatul, a Burmese cat, “started excessive grooming her tail” after the other family cat had surgery. Chatul licked until she had no hair on her tail.

Elna continued “I had her back at 2 vets and 4 consults. They all said there’s no fleas/ allergies/ etc and gave her cortisone injections and cat pheromone products + kitty calming pills. Kitty was sleepy and kept on grooming. I stopped the calming tablets after 2 weeks as I did not see a difference and kitty was just so sleepy the whole time. And the grooming spread. I missed having an active nosey busybody kitty.”

We agreed during a Skype consultation an animal communication would help Chatul, the excessive grooming cat. After greeting each other, I started asking about her grooming.

Cat's tail almost bare due to excessive grooming.

Cat’s Tail Almost Bare

Elaine: … I understand you groom a lot. Please tell me about it.
Chatul: I groom because I must be clean. I hate being dirty. I want to be clean all the time. It is what I must do. (I feel stress in my body from her.)
Elaine: I understand you have a very beautiful coat. Are you trying to make it more beautiful? Why are you licking so much?
Chatul: I want to be beautiful all the time. I hate when a hair is out of place. I want to be beautiful. Elna says I am beautiful. I want to keep hearing her say it. I want the attention. I love the attention. (Chatul is holding her breathe)
Elaine: Chatul, please breathe with me. (She exhaled.) Nice exhale. I want you to keep breathing with me. This is very good. Do you feel better now?
Chatul: Yes! I didn’t know I was holding my breath. Thank you for telling me. I will (sigh) keep breathing like this.
Elaine: Good. Now I understand you have groomed all the hair away from your lower body parts. These areas don’t look so pretty now. They look like they may hurt or be very sore.
Chatul: You are correct. I am licking for more reasons. I use the beauty as an excuse. I am worried. Very worried.
Elaine: Okay. Let’s talk about your worries. I understand your sister had anal gland problems. Are you worried you will have them too?
Chatul: Yes, yes, yes. I am very scared.
Elaine: Chatul, each animal is different. Just like each person is different. Anal gland problem is not catchable. You can’t get anal gland problems by being by your sister. If she had a virus, maybe you would get it from her. Unless there is something wrong with how your anal glands are working, you will be okay. (sigh)
Chatul: Oh thank you. She was in a lot of pain and I don’t want any pain.

The conversation continued about her sibling cat and how they play. Then I asked her if she had anything to tell Elna.

Chatul: Thank you for having Elaine talk to me. I really like her [Elna]. Also thank you for having her clear up some things for me. I (sigh) realize I won’t have anal problems. I will try to stop licking so much.

I recommended Elna use a blend of Bach Flower® for excessive grooming cat with Chatul on her treats or possibly on her bare spots.

About five weeks later Elna emailed, “Look at the difference! I am so happy and grateful for having been introduced to animal communication. Thanks again. I will absolutely still do reference for you! Regards Elna”

Chatual's Tail Hair Grew Back

Chatual’s Tail with Hair

Chatul, the once excessive grooming cat, has a tail full of hair.

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  1. Elna van Coller says

    Hi Elaine
    This is a follow up- Chatul has recovered purrfectly after I have changed her diet and eliminated ALL gluten (no kibbles, no treats etc).

    I have decided to re-home a kitty from an office park, with your help. My 2 resident cats are Tonkinese and Burmese and they are famous for being territorial and not tolerating any new cats. I have tried 4 years ago to rehome a 3 legged shelter kitty, without any luck.

    This time around, with your help, I quarantined the new kitty so they could get used to each others smell without confrontations, used pheromones, and in addition to the house call you made telling the lucky newcomer (Tova) what is going on, I also used http://www.musicforcats.com/.

    Just 5 days after bringing Tova into my house, my Tonkinese was crying and begging me to let her into the quarantined room, and the next day I decided to live again with open door policy. I cant believe this is the same household! They are not the best of friends (yet) but there has been no cat fight, no spitting, no swatting, no aggression. Life is just going on with a new routine!

    Thanks Elaine- the vet told me Tova was a 3 year old feral and I knew I would have a hard time incorporating her. Tova told you she grew up in a house. And in the end it turned out Tova is purrfectly potty trained and love lap sitting- she can do marathon 1-2 hours at a time, no sweat! Feral shmeral!

  2. Elaine says

    Hi Elna, I’m so happy for all of you. I’m thrilled my telepathic communication from Minneapolis, Minnesota reached South Africa and every one was so willing to welcome Tova. Thanks for the wonderful update.

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