Dog’s Surgery Recovery Aided with Healing Touch For Animals®



Elaine of Animal Bridges recently did wonderful work on a dog’s surgery recovery, with a 10-year-old dog, Buddy, and greatly sped up his recovery.  Buddy had major surgery on February 18, 2014 to remove a large mass and part of his liver.

Two days after he returned home, he was improving, but was still sluggish, had digestive problems (vomiting and diarrhea,) and was still feeling the effects of both the surgery and medications.

I was away from home when Elaine worked with him [using Healing Touch for Animals®], and returned to a different dog.  He greeted me at the door, bright eyed and tail wagging.  His digestion returned to normal that afternoon, with no further problems.  His overall energy and alertness, as well as his level of comfort improved dramatically in a very short time.

At his first checkup one week after surgery, I asked the holistic vet if his high level of recovery was normal for what she had experienced.  Her answer was a definitive “No” and his recovery was well beyond the average dog’s recovery for an extensive surgery.

As an animal practitioner (Tellington TTouch®, homeopathy, and more,) I know that the work I did with Buddy also assisted in his recovery.  However, Elaine’s ability to be objective and to work deeply with his energy improved his health and overall wellness faster than anything I could do.

Penny Watkins-Zdrojewski
Animal Wellness Counselor
Happy PAWZ Balancing TTouch
Champaign, IL

PS – The first day that Buddy was in the hospital, Elaine was able to quickly help our other dog with an animal communication. Murphy was upset, seemingly depressed with Buddy’s absence, and likely picking up on our worry.  The same day we had sudden “thunder snow,” a phenomenon sure to frighten him.  Elaine communicated with Murphy for less than 5 minutes.  She was able to reassure him that Buddy was not dead, as he feared, but in good hands.  She also reminded him to go to his safe spot for storms, which he did.  Within a few hours, he was much more relaxed and confident.

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