Dog’s Death and Final Wishes


Faye Miller of Minneapolis, Minnesota called Animal Bridges about Lulu, her 14-year old Cavalier King Charles dog. Lulu was approaching the end of her life, and Faye wanted the best for her. Also the family had a wonderful vacation planned in less than a month and was at a loss of what to do.

Faye decided she needed to hear Lulu’s thoughts. Lulu told me in our animal communication the following.

Lulu: Did you know I’m 14 years old? Recently life has been a little rough with me being sick. I am not ready to leave and cross Rainbow Bridge. I still have time left in my life. I’m not ready to leave my wonderful family. I love my life and I love Faye. I have the best life ever. I want to stay as long as I can.

Later in the conversation, I asked her:

Elaine: You know you are sick and will sometime cross Rainbow Bridge like all of us. Is there anything you want to do before you cross over?

Lulu: I want to live my life as I’ve been living. I know the family is going on a wonderful trip and are very concerned about me. They cannot and must not cancel the trip. They must go on the trip. I will be here when they return. I know I will make it for them. They can text daily [dog sitter] and see how I am doing. I will be fine. I know who is staying with me and I am sure I will be fine.

We continued our conversation.  Lulu was adamant the family must go on their vacation. Before we said goodbye, Lulu said “I am not ready. If I need to go before their vacation, I understand. I want them to have the best vacation. Today is not my day to cross over. I don’t know when it will happen… Not today and not this week.” We agreed I would do quick check ins to see how she was doing. Then we said good bye.

Two weeks later, Faye called me again. Lulu was not doing well. The family was leaving in four days for their trip. Faye thought it was time for Lulu to transition and was making plans to for a vet to come to the house when needed for the euthanasia. As any pet parent in this position, Faye was not sure what to do. We again turned to Lulu.

Lulu: Oh Elaine, thank you for talking to me. My time is getting very close. I am seeing things. I’m seeing people and animals I used to know. Now they are coming to me and are saying they are ready to help me cross over Rainbow Bridge. I don’t remember what is this bridge?

Elaine: Lulu, Rainbow Bridge is a place where people and animals cross as they are leaving their body on earth and moving on. This is where people and animals go when they die. The people and animals you are seeing may look very transparent and wispy. They have died and are now spirits. They are here to support you as you transition from living as a dog on earth and dying and moving to the spirit world.

Lulu: Oh now I understand. Yes, I understand. I am ready. I am ready to leave earth. I love Faye and entire family so much. I love them so much and it is difficult to say that my body is falling apart around me. I’m not always sure where I am. I feel like I am in another world. I am getting very confused. I think it is time for me to leave and die.

I explained to her the family was leaving in few days and would be gone for 9 days. Faye had a sitter lined up to stay with her.

Lulu: I said I was ready. I am ready. I can go before they leave. I must go before they leave. How do I do that? What do I need to do?

Elaine: Lulu, you are okay. You need to be Lulu right now. Faye will make a phone call and ask a very nice vet to come to the house and help you transition and gently die. The vet would come to the house. She will give you a shot that will make you very sleepy. Then she will give you one that helps to die peacefully. Faye will need to coordinate when the family can be home and with you. Is this what you want?

Lulu: Yes, this is what I want. I could not last the time they were gone. I know it will be very difficult for them to be sad when they leave on vacation. I understand that. I love them so much. I will be with them in spirit and will send my love to them. They will see me somehow on their wonderful vacation.

Lulu and I continued our conversation as I asked her if she had any questions and if she wanted to see anyone before she transitioned. Lulu said “No, I am good. I am ready. I will wait for Faye to get everyone together.” Lulu continued with thanking Faye for all she had done and her love for the family.

Lulu earned her angel wings the next afternoon with the family surrounding her. The family left on their vacation two days later. On the vacation they told stories and laughed about the great times with the wonderful Lulu.

Remember, Animal Bridges is here to help you with your pet with love and concern.


  1. Christa Raymond says

    Cried when I read this. What a wonderful gift you gave that family and Lulu.

  2. Elaine says

    Thank you Christa. I am honored to help families as they take the journey of saying goodbye to their best friends.

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