Dog Terrified of Thunderstorms Helped with TTouch®

Dog terrified of thunderstorms
Andy, dog terrified of thunderstorms


Andy, a 8-year old Mini Dachshund, found his forever home with Dana Eichert of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Andy has congestive heart failure (CHF) causing poor circulation, lack of energy, restlessness, and coughing.

Also Andy is a dog terrified of thunderstorms. Dana wrote, “He shakes and pants when it is storming. He also goes under the bed or asks to be held tight. I was told not to use the Thundershirt because of his CHF. I do use Rescue Remedy, which seems to work a bit.”

The Thundershirt could put too much pressure on his chest and affect his breathing and already compromised heart. Andy’s animal chiropractor, Dr. Becca Amstutz of Perpetual Motion Animal Chiropractic, referred Dana to Animal Bridges for his CHF and storm nervousness. Dr. Becca thought Tellington TTouch® would help Andy.

Dr. Becca was correct! Shortly after I arrived at Andy’s house for his appointment, I put a 1-inch wide TTouch® Body Wrap on Andy. Immediately Dana heard a difference with his breathing. It was less labored and slower. The Body Wrap brings awareness to Andy’s body and provides comfort like swaddling a baby.

Then I taught Dana several TTouches® including Ear Slides that calm and help with shock and circulation. We also discussed a special blend of Bach® Flowers to help his fear of storms. We ended the session with Dana having more options to help Andy.

Later that night, it stormed with lots of thunder and lightning. Andy, the dog terrified of thunderstorms, slept through the storm on the bed! Dana, being the concerned pet parent, woke up and used the flashlight on her phone to be sure he was breathing. Andy slept and Dana kept checking him all night.

Dana is amazed how the TTouch®, Body Wrap, and Bach® Flowers changed Andy from being terrified of storms to sleeping though the worst storms.

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