Dog Tells Why She Licks in Animal Communication

Dog tells why she licks in animal communication.


Jane B wanted to know why Carmella is licking everyone and everything and asked me, an animal communicator, to talk with her. Carmella, the dog tells why she licks in the animal communication. The following is an excerpt from Carmella’s and my conversation:

E:    I understand you lick everyone. Why do you do it?

C:    It makes me feel better. I want to mother them. I want to take care of them.

E:    Did you ever have any puppies?

C:    Yes, once but I don’t remember when. They were taken from me and I feel the need to lick others like I would do with my puppies.

E:    Did you have puppies in this life or in a past life?

C:    I think as past life. Maybe that is why I am doing it now. Can you help me?

E:    I will talk with Jane to see how we can help you. Do you have sadness that you carry around?

C:    Yes, I miss the puppies. I do miss having them around.

E:    I will work with Jane to help you with this. It is normal to miss your puppies no matter when you had them. I will help you.

C:    Thanks!

After Jane received the transcript of the animal communication, she told me Carmella’s story. When Jane adopted Carmella, Carmella was very thin and started gaining weight. As part of the adoption process, Jane was required spay Carmella. Just days before the schedule surgery, Carmella’s milk developed. Jane was required to have the surgery performed and Carmella lost her babies. So in Carmella’s mind, she did have the puppies and misses them. I talked with Carmella again and explained what happened to the babies.

E:    I understand the past few days were difficult for you.

C:    Yes they were. I guess I was upset about the puppies. I hadn’t ever told anyone about them. I never met them and really miss them.

E:    I do understand. Jane explained what happened. To adopt you to her home, your forever home, you needed to be spaded. Just before she was going to have the surgery done, she discovered you were pregnant. She did not have a choice but to do an abortion and give you the surgery. I know she was very sad about the decision. She had no idea it would affect you so much. Unfortunately nothing else could be done. The shelter didn’t have room or the necessary care for puppies. Do you understand?

C:    Yes, now I do. I thought it was something that happened in another life. I guess I didn’t tell them I was pregnant. Oh how sad.

E:    Yes it is. How I can I and Jane help you?

C:    I don’t know.

E:    Carmella, the past has happened and nothing can be done about it. I know dogs understand that better than people.

C:    Yes, we live in the present moment and people try but usually worry about stuff.

E:    Yes. So how can we help you to grieve the puppies and move on?

C:    Just understanding what happened helps a lot. Now I understand. I won’t look for them anymore. Thank you.

Since our animal communication, Carmella is no longer licking everyone and everything.

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