Dog Sends Message After Death



As I talked to Teena Brosdahl on the phone about an animal communication, I felt it was about a pet near the end of their life. I asked Teena, “What is the situation.” I got a long silence and I knew. Finally she said, “My dog died on Monday. Can you talk to her?” I explained my services. Then, her dog sends message after death!

Madie, almost 6 years old, fought one round of cancer and was in remission. Then cancer came back and Teena decided to help Madie live the best life possible. On Monday October 8, 2012 Madie crossed Rainbow Bridge. Teena had lots of questions for Madie and we agreed I would talk to Madie.

This is part of our conversation.

E:        Can you give Mama [Teena] a sign when you are present with her.

M:      Yes I will. Promise me you will not look for the sign. If you look, you will not see it. You need to be yourself and continue on with your life. I will leave signs for you. If you dream about me, know I am with you as you sleep. You may hear me making noises. You may feel me in the room. You may feel me outside. I am around and you will know it. You just need to relax and know you will know. Remember if you look, you won’t feel it. I love you. I will be there for you. . .

I sent Teena an email with the transcript. Teena responded with this email:

“Thank you!  I believe she gave me a sign when I woke this morning.  I sleep with her Collar next to me on the bed on one of the blankets that she slept on, the other ones with her along with our wrestling sweatshirt.  When I woke this morning her collar was tucked under as if she had her head buried under the blanket which she was good for. There is no way I could have done this or the cats. I can only think it was Madie that buried it like a bone in the blanket. I also felt a foot step on my foot in the dark; it woke me but there was nothing there.

I made a promise to her that I would walk our walk every night until I had to move, I have kept my promise. Last night when I turned the corner when it was dark a dreary out there was a beautiful sunset almost rainbow like when I took the photo, I also took that as a sign that she had crossed. I miss my sweet girl.”

Madie’s Sign From Across Rainbow Bridge

Now Teena has proof that Madie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, is safe, and sent her signs.

I am honored Teena asked me to talk with Madie. I felt the relief in Teena’s voice as we spoke after I saw the sunset. Teena is now finding peace in Madie’s crossing and focusing on the great life they had together.


  1. says

    This is so beautiful. It is true. They will try to contact us, through our love, and their love for us. They are healed of their pain now, and just want us to know they will watch over us. We must learn to listen with the Heart. They are there indeed!

  2. missingmyboy says

    My deceased kitty sent me a message today I believe. I was rather sad and depressed yesterday for no particular reason, but as the day wore on I found myself thinking of my boy a lot. It wasn’t until bedtime that I realized it was the third anniversary of his passing. This morning, while I slept, a clock fell off the wall in the next room. I bought the clock 20 years, very close to the time I adopted my cat as a small kitten. The clock fell in a spot where my boy used to love to sleep, behind the bathroom door. We were very close for the 17.5 years he was alive – he was very protective of me, and I feel strongly he just wanted to let me know he’s still close and thinking of me too.

  3. Elaine says

    Yes I believe your deceased kitty was sending you a message. I am glad you understand he sent the message.

  4. Daniel says

    I just lost my dog 40 minuets ago how can I try to get her to show me a sign that she crossed and she is living a happy life like she sis here on earth?

  5. Elaine says

    Daniel, I am so sorry for your lost of your best friend. It is so hard to grieve the lost of a dog that gave you unconditional love, listened to your wishes and fears, and was always waiting for you to come home. Animal communication bridges the gap of communication between us and our pets. I tell people to wait a few days to let their pet settle into their new life across Rainbow Bridge. Then work with an animal communicator to help them to connect with their beloved pet. Soon the tears will give way to wonderful memories.

  6. Sonny graves says

    I lost my Sissy a 4 lb chihuahua. We was togather for 10yrs. Sissy died in arms on 1/4/2016. I held her til she took her last breath. I have been devastated. Sissy and I was literally togather 24/7. She was like a service dog as I have had 5 heart attacks. I have read different things on the Internet but skeptical. The biggest part of me wants to believe. I know I don’t have much time for this world but I really want to be with Sissy. Thank you.

  7. Elaine says

    I’m very sorry you lost your log. I don’t work with lost dogs. I recommend The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication.

  8. Mrs. Alas says

    I lost my dog Champ on 11/4/16. It has been extremely difficult to move on. I have 3 other dogs and I believe that my eldest dog is grieving his death. I woke up one night to what I believed were my little Champ’s steps down the hallway. I got up and went to check and all my 3 big dogs were sound asleep. Was that his sign of letting me know that he’s ok? Do dogs grieve the lost of other dogs?

  9. Elaine says

    I’m so sorry to hear about Champ. Losing a pet is very difficult and as hard as losing a human relative. Other pets in the family do grieve too. And Champ left you a sign that he was okay. He may visit you at night. The pets say that if you are dreaming about them, then they are there. An animal communication may help you and your dogs with the great loss of Champ.

  10. says

    I had to put my 13 yr old Missy to sleep last week. She was my baby and best friend. Last nite I dreamed she came and laid next to me and got completely under blanket I reached down and pet her and she was warm. Is she telling me something. I lost my husband 5 yrs ago I hope they are together. In my heart they are. I miss them both so much

  11. Elaine says

    Linda, it is so hard to lose a best friend who gives unconditional love. I’m so happy she made the connection with you last night. She is probably letting you know you still have the heart connection with her. She is letting you know she is okay.

  12. Erik says

    Hello I lost my dog Barry to a illness that hit him all of a sudden. I have been with him for 13 years and I can not stop crying every night. I feel guilty because the morning that he had to go to the vet that I knew he was not well and I had to be at work but a family member took him to the vet and we all believed it was is limes acting up but before I left he looked up at me but didn’t get up like normal for his good by treat and I can’t get that out of my mind because that day he died at the vets due to a gallbladder burst and he passed on and I wasn’t there. I miss him so much it’s hard for me to function with out think of something he would do etc. Every night has been tuff and I have had weird things happening like a neighbors dog get out and I was sitting on the porch with family and this dog out of no where came around the corner and bypass all the others and almost jump up on my lap. What was strange it this dog does not like men the neighbor said was this a sign then almost every night so far I have faint barks is this in my head I have no clue. The other mightiness sleeping and I heard something that woke me up out of a dead sleep. All this has only been 5 days now and I feel so sad yet. I pray he is at rainbow bridge and that I will see him again but I feel like incest something in my life that has left me empty. Sorry about a long story here but a lot has been happening. Then I feel like bring another puppy into Muskogee not to bring Barry back but to give a good life to another one and it’s not to replace my lost friend but to enjoy a new life. But feel guilty thinking this already.

  13. Erik says

    Sorry for the miss spelled words or auto correct from the small phone I was using wish I could edit this

  14. Elaine says

    Erik, I’m so sorry to hear Barry crossed Rainbow Bridge. It is so hard to lose a best friend and especially when it is sudden. Yes I believe too that you will be reunited with Barry. In the meantime, my clients find an animal communication after their pet died brought them peace and helped stop the tears. I hope you find peace soon. Take care, Elaine

  15. Allison Denver says

    I truly believe our pets send us sign(s) after they have passed on. My black lab Jett was dying of renal failure in June 2012, by the time she was diagnosed there was nothing we could do for her but help her over. Her vet came to our house and helped her on her way. My 2 kids and I took a huge walk and noticed a dragonfly was hanging around us – and it followed us long past the river where we first saw him. In fact it stayed around us the entire walk and into our backyard. Before we left for that walk I had picked up all the kitchen rugs we had down for Jett so she wouldn’t slip on the floor and washed the floor – it was super clean when we left and on our return, in the middle of the floor was part of a band-aid stuck there. Jett had band-aids on one of her “elbows” because she had a sore there and I would put neospoirin on it and a band-aid. I had just scrubbed the floor before we left and there was no band-aid on the floor then, no one else had been in the house yet there it was. That made me forget the dragonfly following us until a couple days later I mentioned to my husband about the dragonfly and he choked on his coffee. He said on the day Jett left us there had been an abnormally big dragonfly hanging around him outside work and that it landed on his shoulder for a second and followed him until he went back into the building. Jett! Only later did I read that spirits use dragonflies, butterflies and birds (and other insects) to send us signs – letting us know they are ok. I believe with all my heart Jett was telling us she was okay and would wait for us. Even now when a dragonfly stops in my flower garden I say ‘Hi Jett”. It really did help me heal, much faster that I would have I believe. And then I was able to open my heart up sooner to a new dog friend and give another shelter dog a loving home. That story next.

  16. Elaine says

    Allison, What a beautiful story. I’m so glad Jett is letting you know her presence. I’d would have loved to see you husband’s face when you told him about Jett’s visit! I’m so happy you are getting signs from Jet. Take care, Elaine

  17. Allison Denver says

    I wrote about Jett – now there is Alba, my wonderful shepherd/husky mix we adopted just over 5 years ago. She passed away just last Tuesday and her loss has really thrown us into a loop. She was the dog of dogs and you know you love all the dogs in your lifetime but there is that one (2 if you are lucky) extra special dog that enters your life and losing them is almost unbearable. Alba was only 7, maybe 8 at best (birth date unknown) and we adopted her in August 2012. A handful at first she settled in nicely and we loved her so very much. A couple weeks ago she got sick, lethargic in a matter of 30 minutes so the next day to the vet we went. We figured maybe an ulcer or something she ate had gotten lodged inside somewhere so were totally blown away when her vet said she was 99% sure she had cancer and tumors on her spleen and heart. Hemangiosarcomama it is called. She said the tumors could rupture at any time and she would bleed out, they could try chemo but the cancer was so widespread already she didn’t think it would help extend her life – now expected to be 4-6 weeks at best. We had an ultrasound done to confirm the x-ray findings and then we took her home and had 3 more really good weeks with her. And then we could see she was going downhill fast and it was time to let her go. Hardest phone call ever to set up her vet coming to our house to euthanize her here. She came last Tuesday and it was the most awful experience of my life. That first night I told my husband that I was really hoping Alba would send us a sign she was alright. Later on I turned on the living room lamp by the couch (works via light switch on wall) – this lamp has two bulbs and each one has it’s own on/off pull chain – and it has a tiffany like lampshade and a base covered in dragonflies. I bought this lamp after my other dog Jett had contacted us (we believe) via dragonfly. So I click the light switch and all of a sudden there is a bright flash from the lamp and one of the lights goes out. Since Jett, my last dog had passed I have done more research on contacts from beyond and electricity is another way their spirits like to contact you. I go to the lamp – that one bulb is burned out but the other bulb is fine. My husband didn’t believe me at first (he does now) but that was Alba’s first sign. I knew she had gotten over safely. Next night hubby is heading up to bed and does not turn on the light on the stairs. He is halfway up, on the landing where there is no way to turn the light on and I had gone into the kitchen and I hear – “Honey, did you turn on the light?” Nope, I hadn’t but I’m pretty sure Alba did. She also sent me a sign using number sequences but it’s too long to explain so I will leave it at these signs. Even though I am still mourning her loss and crying a lot – I do feel her presence now and am happy she is around. Pretty soon we will encourage her to move on so she doesn’t just hang out and I sure do hope that when my time on earth is over that both of my pooches will be waiting for me. Because, honestly, those two are the most important to me besides hubby and kids and I cannot wait to be reunited with them. In the meantime I will wait for our next dog to find us – and I know she will when the time is right. Alba & Jett will somehow point her in our direction. tip* don’t read into everything trying to decide if it is a sign. Do what you do and they will present themselves to you and it will be fairly obvious.

  18. Elaine says

    Allison, it is so hard to lose a best friend. A great article about pet loss is from the Washington Post. You are very connected with Alba and Jett. Yes, they will find the perfect dog for you. Take care, Elaine

  19. Lindsay says

    I miss my Chewy so much…even though I still feel him here. I think his soul has not left or crossed over yet. How can help him? Or know he is Ok?

  20. Elaine says

    Lindsay, losing a best friend is so hard. They were dependent on you. Chewy has crossed over. Many of my clients say an animal communication helped them with the grief and the guilt. Take care.

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