Dog Overcomes Fears and Gains Confidence

The following testimonial was posted on Animal Bridges’ Facebook Fan Page:


Isabel came to me from a Cocker Spaniel rescue, where she had spent two years. Evidently she was just too shy to have made a good impression on potential adopters, because she was terrified and miserable, and spent her time hiding, hoping not to be seen. After a year, she gained confidence in me, but was still fearful of almost everything else – especially people.
She was comfortable with other dogs until my neighbor’s dog attacked her, wounding her in the throat and flank. Of course, she became fearful to go out to the yard and began having toilet ‘accidents’ in the house.

I contacted Elaine to help Isabel with her fears. Elaine’s animal conversation with Isabel was encouraging to me – in spite of her problems, Isabel was basically very happy with her new life and longed to gain confidence. Elaine formulated a Bach® Flower mixture for Isabel and taught me to use TTouch® methods to relax and encourage her. I also worked hard to get Isabel into new situations – visits with friends, adventurous walks, and agility class.

When something was happening in our lives that would present a challenge to Isabel, Elaine communicated with her to explain what was likely to happen and to hear Isabel’s responses.

Isabel and I both benefited from a training class especially for shy dogs, but an amazing turning point for Isabel occurred when Elaine used Healing Touch for Animals® [energy medicine like Reiki] techniques to give Isabel a job — to express her joy and confidence to others. Not very long after that session, Isabel accompanied me on the plane to visit my adult children and their families. She handled the plane ride beautifully, and became comfortable in two

Thank you for giving me my toy!

households – which included a baby and several very large dogs. Recently, the holidays brought us house guests, parties and new people of all ages. Isabel’s responses were of friendly curiosity, and she gently offered her friendship to my exuberant one-year-old granddaughter.

I am so grateful to Elaine for helping Isabel become able to express her sweet and loving personality and to enjoy contacts with humans.

Jean Melom, Minneapolis, MN

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