Do Changes Affect Pets?

Do changes affect pets

Do changes affect pets

To me, September is the month of change. Schedules change, weather changes, routines change, amount of daylight changes. Do changes affect pets? I say yes!

What changes affect our pets? It can be a small — you walk out of the house to get the mail – or big – you leave for a long vacation. If the change is big to us, imagine what it’s like for your dog, cat, horse, etc.

Where Did They Go?

  • Your dog’s best friend packs bags and moves to college. Your dog can’t understand why his best friend is missing.
  • Suddenly someone in the family is traveling a lot. He may be gone for days or weeks. Now your dog barks when she sees suitcases!
  • Your cat wonders why children, who were around all day, disappear every day for hours!

Schedule Changes

  • You leave earlier for work to attend an early morning meeting.
  • You or your kids drive to school sport practices events.
  • You spend time with grandchildren while your adult child is working full time.

Family Members

  • Your family grows with babies, grandchildren, or new pets.
  • Your parents moved in or you are gone more to help them.
  • Someone is suddenly in the hospital (human or pet) or needs medical care at home or away.

These changes affect everyone. If you are feeling the stress, your pet is feeling it too. Do changes affect pets? Yes!

You Can Help Your Pets

  • Tell him where you are going and when you’ll be back. For example, “I’m going to work and I will be back at dinnertime.”
  • When you come home, calmly walk in and take off your coat. Take a few minutes for yourself. Yes, your dog can sit outside the bathroom door!
  • Quietly sit with her for a few minutes. Put your phone down. Slowly pet her. Then get up and do what you need to do.

Animal communication is a wonderful way to help your pet understand any changes. During a communication, I explain the situation and ask him about his concerns and needs. Often he immediately asks “where did they go” or “what happened?”

Even I make mistakes. Once I forgot to tell Hobbes about a major change of plans. Everything worked out after I was alerted to talk to him. Read about my big mistake.

Want to tell your dog what’s happening or ask your cat a question?

Schedule a communication today, and learn what your pet wants you to know.

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