Cat’s Over-Grooming Helped with Animal Communication

Claire Marie, Wadsworth’s person, asked if I could help them. Wadsworth, the cat, was licking and over-grooming himself so much that he had seven spots that were raw or bleeding.  He had even pulled out the hair. They made many trips to the vet over several months and were using the prescribed medicine for cat excessive grooming. Claire Marie was frustrated and not sure what to do.

Wadsworth Stopped His Over Grooming

As an animal communicator, I talked with Wadsworth and his personality really came through. I commented that he is very good looking and he replied, “Thanks. My looks are important to me.” Our animal communication continued and he explained why he was licking himself so much.

E:    I understand you lick yourself until you bleed. Why are you doing this?

W:   I am obsessed with being clean. I must, must, must be clean and look the best I can look.

E:    You said your looks were very important to you.

W:   Yes they are. So I clean myself to be sure I look my best. I just want to look great! Do you understand?

E:    Yes I understand. I also know when you lick until you bleed your hair or skin doesn’t look the best. Would you like help to help you being obsessive with your licking? I promise that you will still look great, probably even better!

W:   (Sigh) Okay. What would it take?

I explained I would talk with Claire Marie and gave her a suggestion. Using the Animal Bridges’  integrated services, I explained that animals have emotions just like people and act on these emotions. The Bach® Flower Essences were created in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach to help rebalance emotions and mental states. When emotions are in balance, the body’s natural capacity to heal can occur. I explained the Bach® Flower Essences are not a substitute for veterinary care and I am not a vet.

We agreed to try a Bach® Flower Essence blend made especially for Wadsworth. Within in a week, his raw spots were healing and he stopped the excessive grooming. In less than two weeks, five of the spots had hair growing back and two spots had scabs. Now over two months later, “Wadsworth is doing really well.”


  1. Elaine says

    Some cats are not really drinkers. I recommend putting the drops of the Bach Flower essences on a treat or food. If you are using several Bach remedies, use a Mixing Bottle with bottled spring water, add 2 drops of each individual essence and 4 drops of Rescue Remedy, if you are using it. Then from the Mixing Bottle use 4 drops. Please let me know if you need help figuring out the blend.

  2. Elna says

    Hi Elaine
    Many thanks for your reply. Yes I would appreciate ALL the help I can get with figuring out a blend. I am happy to call you for a formal consult even. Just getting the time right may be the challenge as I stay in South Africa (GMT +2)????
    My suspicion is that kitty is over grooming as she loves looking nice, just as your article said. There may possibly be drama queen issues as well about having such a stressful life being spoilt with hugs and kisses and treats from a devoted human slave. But let’s see. I came across your website today at work and still have to read through all your info.

  3. Elaine says

    Hi Elna – I recommend starting with an animal communication to find out her reason for the continual grooming. Then I could make recommendations for her next steps. Let’s move over to email or the contact form on my website. My email is I’d love to help you.

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