Animal Bridges Receives 2015 Best Of Minneapolis Award

Animal Bridges Award

Animal Bridges Award

MINNEAPOLIS  May 19, 2015 – Animal Bridges has been awarded the 2015 Best of Minneapolis Animal Communicator Award.

Animal Bridges was identified as a company that enhances the positive image of small businesses through service to their customers and our community. They help make the Minneapolis area a great place to live, work, and play.

I couldn’t be more thrilled”, says Elaine. “I love Minneapolis, I’ve lived here for 38 years and small businesses are such an important part of our community and society. It’s a special honor, and it means a lot to me to be awarded for this.”

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Want a Dog and Cat to Share a Home? Try Animal Communication

Cat and dog share a home

dog-and-catHow to you introduce a cat who lived mostly outside in a wooded area for over four years to a dog? The dog lived with an older cat for over eight years who crossed Rainbow Bridge.

Now the dog, Jyota, was interested in the new cat, Joey. The feelings weren’t mutual.

Being a dog, Jyota sniffed at the door separating them, barked from her crate at Joey, and would sometimes lunge at Joey.

Joey, the cat, lived mostly outside at a retreat facility and was used to people.
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Animal Bridges Helped My Pets through Illness, Life, Death

The following testimonial was posted on on November 24, 2014 by Becky Nelson of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.



“I first contacted Elaine in 2012 when I discovered my cat Katie had cancer. Elaine assisted Katie through several Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) sessions and with several animal communications. The communications and support from Elaine during this difficult time gave comfort to Katie, in addition to me and my family.


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Halloween Can Cause Scared Cats and Dogs!

scared cats and dogs

Halloween Can Cause Scared Cats and DogsOctober is the month of changes and Halloween. Some people like getting “scared” with the goblins, ghosts, and horrible monsters. Scared cats and dogs are just that — scared!

Our pets don’t understand why people are dressed funny, wear masks, and try to scare them. For many pets it is a time of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. Pets don’t understand Halloween and can be afraid.

What does fear feel like? Imagine getting a dreaded phone call or dropping your dog’s leash and losing him.
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Animal Bridges at Doxie Races and MIA Dog Day

Animal Bridges was busy September 6 and 7, 2014 meeting people and their wonderful dogs at Doxis Races and MIA Dog Day.

Doxie Dash Finish Line

Saturday, September 6, Animal Bridges was a sponsor of the James J. Hill Days’ 40th Annual Dachshund Races at Wayzata on beautiful Lake Minnetonka, MN.

The races included a dash race and a hurtle race followed by a fashion show.

Elaine taught the crowd how to save a person or a dog’s life with Tellington TTouch® Ear Slides.


Animal Bridges at MIA Dog Day

On Sunday, September 7, Elaine was the animal communicator at MIA Dog Day event. People stood in line to have Elaine answer one question about their dog and get some tips.

Elaine had a great time meeting everyone’s dogs on two perfect September days.



  • Does your pet have pain or act scared sometimes?
  • Ever wish you could tell her something she would understand?
  • Wish you knew what he was thinking?

We’ll help you help your pet with solutions that get amazing results!

Elaine was not only able to talk to my beloved Rosco and fill me in on what was going on with him, but she was also able to calm my worried heart. Her method of healing worked wonders and I’m so thankful for her beautiful gift.” — Sandy Fisk, Newnan, GA

5 Tips to Help Your Dog, Cat, or Horse with Change in Routine

Help Your Dog, Cat, or Horse
Where are they?

Where are they?

School has started. Schedules change.

What is changing in your life and your pet’s life?

  • Are your schedules changing from being home during the summer to going back to school?
  • Is your pet’s best buddy going off to college or moving into an apartment?
  • Did your work schedule change and you are working different times?
  • Do you have new activities – sports, meetings, scouts – and won’t be home for your pet?
  • Other changes include new member of family (human or animal), death in family or a friend (human or animal), change in employment, moving, finances, etc.

Although these changes may not affect you, the changes may be confusing to your pet.

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Animal Bridges Discusses Animal Communication on MPC Radio

Supernatural Investigators of MNMae Kelley of Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota (SIM) invited Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges to discuss animal communication on Minnesota Paranormal Coalition’s (MPC) radio show.

MPC is a coalition of over 10 paranormal organizations in Minnesota. Many of the teams investigate paranormal activity. The teams include investigators, psychics, and an exorcist. They want to provide the best services to their customers and are a very reputable organization.

On April 15, 2014, Elaine and Mae discussed animal communication for nearly an hour. Get comfortable and click below to hear the radio show. Be patient the first few minutes until the volume is corrected.

More About Animal Communication:

  • When you ask your pet, “want a treat?” or “want to go outside?,” do they seem to know what you’re asking and respond?
  • Do you somehow know when your pet is sick or hurt?
  • Can you feel your pet’s love for you?

Then you are communicating with your pet!

As a professional animal communicator, I’ve had special training that enhances the natural communication you may have experienced. Because of this training, I can help you learn more about your pet.

Working from my home, I hold a telepathic conversation with your pet, asking questions you provide, or giving them information for you. I can also work with animals who have already passed on. Often, deceased pets want to reassure their families that they are happy and healthy once again. I still cherish my handwritten notes of the conversation I had with my dog, Boomer, when he asked me to call the vet for the last time. He sent us such love and memories.

As I work with your pet, I hear the conversation in my head and feel both emotional and physical issues the animal is experiencing. After the session, I provide a transcript of the conversation, including insight into the animal’s feelings, thoughts, and concerns.

Read stories about some amazing communications.
Not sure what your pet needs? Contact Elaine.


Dog’s Surgery Recovery Aided with Healing Touch For Animals®



Elaine of Animal Bridges recently did wonderful work on a dog’s surgery recovery, with a 10-year-old dog, Buddy, and greatly sped up his recovery.  Buddy had major surgery on February 18, 2014 to remove a large mass and part of his liver.

Two days after he returned home, he was improving, but was still sluggish, had digestive problems (vomiting and diarrhea,) and was still feeling the effects of both the surgery and medications.

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Outdoor Cat Problems – Animal Communication Testimonial

Outdoor cat problems

Sweet Kitty

What do you tell a barn cat, who adopted you and your house roof, so she understands to behave? Jennifer Wells of Cumming, Georgia contacted me.

“We have an emergency.  I have a sweet kitty, Miss Two Can Sam, who mostly responds to “Kitty”… who keeps waking us up in the wee hours of the morning.  She’s an outdoor kitty (and probably won’t migrate in doors because she’s been a barn kitty for 7 years and has outdoor manners).

Could you, would you, have a conversation with her, please? I don’t know if she’s uncomfortable, or if she’s just hungry.  She’s always hungry.  She was starved when she came here.”

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Dog’s Death and Final Wishes


Faye Miller of Minneapolis, Minnesota called Animal Bridges about Lulu, her 14-year old Cavalier King Charles dog. Lulu was approaching the end of her life, and Faye wanted the best for her. Also the family had a wonderful vacation planned in less than a month and was at a loss of what to do.

Faye decided she needed to hear Lulu’s thoughts. Lulu told me in our animal communication the following.

Lulu: Did you know I’m 14 years old? Recently life has been a little rough with me being sick. I am not ready to leave and cross Rainbow Bridge. I still have time left in my life. I’m not ready to leave my wonderful family. I love my life and I love Faye. I have the best life ever. I want to stay as long as I can.

Later in the conversation, I asked her:

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