Hot Weather Tips for Pets

hot-weatherThe entire country is having extreme heat spells.  Suggestions for keeping your pet safe:

  • Have lots of water available for your pet at home.
  • Provide a cool space in your home if your house isn’t air conditioned. Show and tell your pet the cool rooms are great places to hang out. Tiled floors are great spots to cool off.
  • Walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening. If you walk during the day, carry water with you. I carry a folding water dish that fits in my pocket.
  • If you need to walk in the heat of the day, cool your dog off with water from the hose before you start your walk.
  • Our neighborhood dogs love the dog wading pool in our yard. One dog visits it on every walk!
  • With the extreme heat, please tell your dogs they must stay home as you run an errand. Remember cars heat up very quickly.
  • Use pet sunscreen on white pets because they can and do sunburn.
  • Read about signs of heat stroke in pets in the “Signs of Heat or Sun Stroke in Dogs.”
  • If your pet is breathing quickly and overheated, do TTouch® Ear Slides shown in the video on the bottom of  Animal Bridges’ home page.

Enjoy the summer because it is too short!

Camping with My Dog

The end of June, we decided to see if we still enjoyed camping. So we went camping with our dog, Hobbes, to Bear Head Lake State Park near Ely. MN. We packed the SUV with Hobbes’ crate and all our gear. Hobbes loves his crate and looked out the window on the trip north. We took many rest stops and Hobbes was bouncing and ready for action.

Bear Head Lake State Park, MN

The campsite was beautiful and quiet. We set up the tent and got a fire going. The weather was perfect. Food seems to taste better when it is cooked on an open fire. The daytime temp was low 70s and 50s at night – perfect weather! As we settled into the tent, Hobbes took a spot by me. The light of the fire keep him alert and he grumbled as he heard noises. When the fire went out, so did Hobbes.

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Motorcycling Dog Rides on a Harley


Bacchus, Motorcycling Dog

Bacchus, the motorcycling dog from Madison, WI, rides with his person, Tamara on her Harley motorcycle. He wears his goggles and sits in his front pack hence the nickname “Front Pack.” Tamara DePue earned the nickname “Back Pack.” Bacchus enjoys the wind in his face and being with the other bikers who give him lots of attention.

As I waited with others for the Diamond Posse to arrive I met Bacchus. Five women showed up who rode their motorcycles from Texas to Wisconsin bringing encouragement and support to veterans. He was getting a lot of attention as we waited. The Diamond Posse asked The New Glory Flag Bike Team (one Harley with 50 US Flags and six Harley Honor Guard with flags) to escort them from Iowa to the end of the trip in Wisconsin. The Diamond Posse also asked Women in Motion to keep the roads safe for the Diamond Posse and New Glory Flag Bike team.  Bacchus rode with Tamara, Women on Wheels Road Guard who were awesome keeping everyone safe.

My husband John is a member of the New Glory Flag Bike and I drove the support vehicle on this trip.


  • Does your pet have pain or act scared sometimes?
  • Ever wish you could tell her something she would understand?
  • Wish you knew what he was thinking?

Every people/pet team has unique needs. Often, a combination of approaches will serve both the client and the pet best. It really depends on each individual animal and person’s needs. All methods are gentle and loving.

Each session is as unique as your pet and each session with your pet can be unique from her previous sessions.

It’s easy to set up your sessions, just contact me here or call me at 612-237-9580. I’m happy to help you explore the options and find the best solution for your unique situation.

“Elaine has been very helpful and supportive since my adoption of a very anxious dog. Her t-touch sessions and ongoing communication has helped us both. She has great suggestions and is very responsive to my frantic calls.” – Lynnea Forness, Minneapolis, MN