9 Lessons Learned From Dog ACL Surgery and Recovery

Hobbes had dog ACL surgery

Updated June 19, 2017

What did I learn about Hobbes’ dog ACL surgery and recovery? Reflecting, I learned so much. At times it didn’t seem like it. I hope these lessons help you if you ever need them.

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What is Animal Communication? Animal Bridges Explains

what-is-animal-commWhat is animal communication? Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges explained animal communication to the National Association of Professional Women’s Minneapolis Chapter on August 10, 2016.

Twenty NAPW members listened as Elaine explained what is animal communication.  She also explained how people “hear” the animals. Many animal communicators receive telepathic messages in the form of pictures. Most pet parents just “know” when their best friend is hungry, needs to go outside, or is sick. As children, many of us spoke with animals and “imaginary friends.”
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Aging Dog Issues



Neeko, a 13-year old Husky, lives in Florida with his people, Peggy and Steve Hawks. They want to keep Neeko comfortable and happy. He was having typical aging dog issues.

Peggy wrote to Animal Bridges, “I have seen his rear legs shake when he’s laying down, not sure why. And he sometimes has trouble swallowing his food, he chokes and will cough after he barks. “

We decided I would do a Healing Touch for Animals® from the distance for Neeko. We agreed the session’s intention was for Neeko’s general wellness, and make him happy and comfortable.
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Dog’s Heart Condition Improves – Did TTouch Help?

heart-conditionLivie, the flat coated retriever, was diagnosed in December of 2014 and almost died because of Congestive Heart Failure. Her pet parents, Mary Ann Rafferty and Kate Stankis of Minneapolis, Minnesota emailed Elaine. “At the time, she was diagnosed with Dilated Cardimyopathy, an irreversible heart condition whose prognosis is poor. At this time (March 2015), Livie is on medication and doing well.”

Mary Ann asked Animal Bridges to communicate with Livie about their concerns. Livie prognosis was not great and they wanted to ask her about her pain, what she wanted to do (a bucket list), how to help her relax, and to let them know when she is ready to transition.

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Pet Parent Approved Resources by Animal Bridges’ Clients

Pet parent approved resources and specialists

Hobbes Researching

Your pet received a scary diagnosis.  You need a veterinary specialist or service. Who do you ask?  The following list is pet parent approved resources of specialists and services from Animal Bridges’ clientsElaine experienced a few of these specialists with Hobbes or as a client’s extra set of ears or moral support.

No one paid to be on the list. This is not an endorsement of the services. This is a list solely of Animal Bridges clients’ recommendations of pet parent approved resources. The information is from the website or brochure of the services listed.

Many of the veterinarians are board certified. Please use this list as a starting point of finding the correct vet or service for your pet.

Animal Emergency and Referral Service http://aercmn.com
Michelle Rose, DVM
Oakdale, MN 651-501-3766
St. Paul, MN 651-293-1800
“…profession interests include minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of congenital heart disease and strategies for congestive heart failure that optimize the patient’s quality of life.”

Veterinary Cardiology Specialists http://vetcardiologist.com
Janet Olson, DVM, DACVIM
Minnesota and Iowa 612-353-7440
“Veterinary Cardiology Specialists (VCS) works hand-in-hand with veterinary hospitals to provide uncompromised cardiac care for patients with heart disease.”

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Stressed, Crying Cat Calmed Down with Energy Work

Mischa, a 4 ½ year old cat, had experienced many changes in the past 6 months.


  • She traveled by car from New York City to Minnesota to her new home with her human Mom.
  • Left a cat sibling behind.
  • Met a new cat and bonded with him, Hendrix.
  • Suddenly Hendrix died.
  • The social cat was suddenly the lone cat and very unhappy.


Mischa  was crying most of the time. If she was alone in a room, and her humans were in another room with the TV on, she cried. She cried during the night. Her human Mom was not sleeping and desperately needed the sleep.

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Animal Bridges Helped My Pets through Illness, Life, Death

The following testimonial was posted on SideWalkDog.com on November 24, 2014 by Becky Nelson of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.



“I first contacted Elaine in 2012 when I discovered my cat Katie had cancer. Elaine assisted Katie through several Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) sessions and with several animal communications. The communications and support from Elaine during this difficult time gave comfort to Katie, in addition to me and my family.


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Gratitude for Your Pets

gratitude-for-petsWow, Mother Nature decided we need some drastic changes. She is doing a fantastic job of making the holiday season come early. Walking Hobbes in the single digits helped me focus on gratitude.

Let me explain. For the past month, I start my day with a gratitude walk. When Hobbes and I walk, I list 10 reasons why I am grateful. As I mentally say “I am grateful for …,” I feel a smile grow bigger. It doesn’t matter if it is raining, snowing, or freezing with wind chills below zero. I smile.

Some days it seems so hard to start. I laugh when we are headed home and I haven’t started. Opps. So I start then. I may be in the driveway heading out, half way on the Hobbes directed walk, or almost home – I start.

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Dog’s Surgery Recovery Aided with Healing Touch For Animals®



Elaine of Animal Bridges recently did wonderful work on a dog’s surgery recovery, with a 10-year-old dog, Buddy, and greatly sped up his recovery.  Buddy had major surgery on February 18, 2014 to remove a large mass and part of his liver.

Two days after he returned home, he was improving, but was still sluggish, had digestive problems (vomiting and diarrhea,) and was still feeling the effects of both the surgery and medications.

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A Testimonial — My Dog is Sick! Can Animal Bridges Help?

Dog is sick.
My dog is sick. Can Animal Bridges do energy work?


My phone rang at 6:30 pm and Patsy of Florida asked if I could help her dog. My dog is sick. I asked what was going on.

Patsy said another animal communicator from Minnesota, Mary Stoffel, had talked with her dog RAFA. RAFA, a 10-month old Labrador puppy, had emergency surgery 24-hours before for a blockage. He had swallowed an object just smaller than a golf ball. The communicator said he needed some energy work and recommended Patsy call me.

I told her to ask the veterinarian if I could do energy work on RAFA since he was under the clinic’s care. In the meantime, Patsy was driving 30 minutes to get to him.

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